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How to make your legal firm look really silly..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2up, May 12, 2010.

  1. Look at the ad below..it appeared in a national mag for motorcyclists.
    After telling us they are the best legal firm to represent you in motorcyle/road issues just look at the pic they used..
    No wonder the bloke was booked or crashed..he's on the wrong side of the road after crossing an unbroken white line.
    And these people tell us they know the law.

  2. I wonder if they've either reversed the image or just lifted one from the US.
    Either way it shows a lack of attention to detail that I'd be worried about if they were representing me...
  3. :rofl:

    It will be a USA stock photo from an agency I bet Tony and no attention to detail as you say.
  4. so this is what they get paid to do...
  5. Graphic designers love flipping images to balance out their layout. Problem is it doesn't work too well on vehicles. I've seen some amature car mags with left hand drive holdens etc.
  6. Ads don't go to print without the client "signing off".
    In this case, apparently a legal firm who will represent you on road law issues, hasn't noticed the rider is on the wrond side of an unbroken line.
    Sloppy work..
  7. good work on your behalf lol
  8. Welcome back 2up it's been a while since you graced us with your unique presence.
  9. So what if they did notice, and dismissed it because it looked aesthetically better?
    I think it's silly to dismiss them for an image that was chosen by a graphic designer.
  10. No, it all comes down to the sign off! I've recently (past 2 months) being doing a lot of proofing of documents, from images to spelling, layout, fonts, punctuation through to margins.

    This was a serious error that any good proof-reader would have picked up on!
  11. I think you are all looking at it the wrong way.

    What they are trying to say is, even if you are a complete tool and ride on the wrong side of the road EVERYWHERE along with the car taking a photo of you doing it, they are THAT good, they will get you off scott free!
  12. Not a reversed image. Look at the brake master cylinder.
  13. like others have said:

    stock image of rider NOT riding in Aus.
  14. Even if you reverse the image the bike is still on the incorrect side of the lines. Obviously a US stock photo as others have said.
  15. Good interepretation, but I do suspect it was signed of by a (non riding) senior partner.
    Silly, but not a hanging offence.

    2up care to pm the firm name please? Or the mag.
  16. The air-cleaner is in the right place, the brake pedal is in the right place, the exhaust header is in the right place, the rear brake rotor is in the right place, the hand controls are in the right place...

    I wonder why they chose to shoot the photo on the WRONG SIDE of the ROAD?:-s
  17. That's the problem, usually its just someone muppet at the client's company having a flick over it.

    Damn designers are frustrating sometimes. The other day I heard our marketing manager litterally screaming down the phone to our agency saying 'I DONT CARE HOW IT LOOKS JUST F**KING CHANGE THE FONT NO ONE CAN READ WHAT IT SAYS'.
  18. You guys looking for a proof-reader? :) I'm actually very good. People don't send it to the client without bringing it to me first.
  19. I'm with you emo
  20. Maybe it's a dual carriageway??