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How to make your bike go faster without toughing it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tomcatalex, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. I just had a thought that if i loose weight I should get a faster power to weight ratio.

    Ive lost 7 kg in the last few months and the bikes I ride seem to go faster, is this in my mind, would 7kg really do anything?
  2. It shouldn't really. Think full tank versus half full.
  3. I notice the smaaaaallest difference between running on empty and feeling a little sluggish after coming out of the servo...but that's the only time when you get to compare the difference immediately. The next time I pull off I won't notice. So that's on an instant ~15kg difference.
  4. Yea maybe in my mind, might try to drop 20kg and ride on empty and see if it helps
  5. what about clothes, does a heavy jacket, boots, helmet and pants make the bike seem slower then if you ride with tshirt, shorts and sneekers

    for me it does, but maybe cause i feel more wind
  6. You talking straight line speed or speed through corners?
    That amount of weight won't make much difference, but if your fitness/strength has improved too then that can make a significant improvement to corner speed.
    Edit: Bulky clothes can also have an effect by restricting movement and making it harder to shift your weight.
  7. I would say probably because you can fill more wind. I'm sure it makes a diffrence but probably so small you would not really fill it
  8. Come off wearing sneakers, shorts and t-shirt and I will promise a substantial difference as opposed to full gear. :LOL:
  9. Assuming bike+rider is in the ballpark of 250 kg, 7 kg is just under 3%. Not huge, but not negligible either. It would be more expensive to get a 3% power increase. If you could lose 20 (and I could stand to do so), that would be 8%, and that's decent. The fuel tank comparison is a good basis for the subjective feel, but it's not something that can be changed, whereas your own weight can.
  10. Gear is probably negligible - a kilo or two if that.
  11. It'd make a noticeable difference if you're riding a Postie bike ...
  12. I noticed a difference in riding when Im about to hit reserve. My bike seems to like it bettter when its near/on reserve. It just seems to pull abit more.

    From my rough calculation the weight saving from full and empty tank is about 7-8kg. Also me slowly losing weight(6"1 and only 60kg)
  13. THe horsepower gain support group huh (also known as the dieters group).

    1kg = 1hp ;)
  14. dress like this dude..its bound to make a difference.

  15. Being fitter makes a huge difference, but weight still does matter. Besides, eating less pies is much cheaper than CF and titanium.

    +1 for not being a fat bastid.
  16. Just think how much unsprung weight could be removed by filling the tyres with helium instead of air ;).
    Maybe tie a weather balloon to your back as well.
  17. Come on that's TMI! :LOL:
  18. The other thing is that losing weight decreases your personal momentum in an off and therefore potentially the damage you do you yourself. You're easier to stop, requiring less crunching of your body parts, if you weigh less, and the weight loss is a much bigger percentage of your body weight. It's part of the whole 'ant can fall from a tall building and walk away, cat gets hurt, human dies, elephant splashes' thing.
  19. Now why do you think all the manufacturers of sportbikes go to all the trouble of making each new model lighter than the last & also go to elaborate lengths to lie about it as well? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. But fat provides padding when you do hit something. Built in cushioning.