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How to make scooter go faster?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by rida168, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. i do agree with everyone who thinks that scooters are stupid but i have one and i can ride it on the road at 16 years old. trust me, i would kill for a "REAL" bike but at the moment it is better than nothing.

    does anyone have any ideas on hoe to hot them up a bit, as is make them go a hell of alot quiker cos MAN are they slow!!!!

  2. Hi! I am a scooter rider too! But I don't know much about mechanic, you can go to the Scooter site in Melbourne, post a message there, there will be someone try their best to help you. Some of them are working at Scooter Shop.

    Melbourne Scooter Connection Forum:


    Hope that would help!

  3. Get one with a bigger engine ??? They range from what, 50cc to 640cc IIRC. I'm fairly certain the 640 would be fairly quick.
  4. Do some searching for Italian bits and bobs as they're into the whole scooter racing thang.

    I've heard of big-bore kits, exhausts etc being available if you have the pockets and inclanation.

    EDIT: Ok, just did a search for Del'orto (Italian bits) and found this for ya.
  5. What size engine does it have (cc)? It's possible that you could put an expansion chamber on it if it's 2-stroke, If it's a four stroke theres not a lot of poin trying, mainly because you would need to do some major modifications.

    What are the specs?
  6. Hey not everone thinks scooters are stupid, they have their place on the road. There are many shops that have scooter performance parts and tuning knowledge; where are you situated, I may be able to guide you to one.
  7. Scooters are great fun to ride for a while. There are a few scotter hot up bits available. i cant think of any off the top of my head but go to you local scotter dealer and they should be able to point you in the right direction.
  8. Oops, who's blind? See Frank at the Scooter Shop in Northbridge, he would know how to get your scooter percolating.
  9. What is it ????????
  10. I want to know where are they too, can you show me Johnny?
  11. Depending on your brand of bike, either the guys at Scooter Market in Hoddle St, Abbotsford or A1 Motorcycles in Nepean Hwy, Brighton I would think.
  12. If he cant afford a bike like he sais what makes you think he can afford a new engine? :roll:
  13. The problem is not that i cannot afford a bike or a scooter with a bigger engine, but because i am 16, a 50cc scooter is the closest thing I can get to a bike until im 17.
  14. the link had alot of useful parts but i am unsure if they will fit onto my scooter. It is a Vmoto monza.

    Specs are available at http://www.vmoto.com.au/SC_MonzaSpecs.html
  15. you could always put a big racing stripe down the middle :)
  16. i would have offered help back when this topic was actually alive, but since
    i'll be withholding the info :p

    ..ohh, except maybe the helpful tip lose weight :twisted: :moped:

  17. Get a real bike!! :p :LOL:........


    hmmm I think I'll be quiet... I'm riding a Korean 250 cruiser :p :LOL: :LOL: 8) :D
  18. I'm new to the netrider forums and came across this thread :)
    Scooters are not stupid, they are HELL fun and very trendy right now as well. I've been riding a 125cc TGB Voodoo for a year now and absolutely love it even though once my P plates are up, I can ride a full motorbike, I probably won't as I get lots of compliments on my blue and gold crotch rocket and find it easy as to ride (me being a shorty). It's max speed is 100km/h which I did ask about upgrading in someway but my mechanic told me its better off waiting til I decide to upgrade, and just upgrade it to a bigger cc engine rather than spend heaps of money in getting bigger carbies or whatever.
    I also did the charity Toy Run at xmas on the central coast last year and I was literally the only scooter amongst hundreds of Harleys, Triumphs CBRs etc etc. My advice is to wait it out til you can get a motorbike, don't say 'proper bike' as as somebody mentioned, we scooters have a place on the roads too. If you can't hack the slowness why not get a dirt bike unregistered and bush bash it somewhere to satisfy your need for speed :p
  19. I've heard of a few things that people do to scooters... its just basic stuff like:
    - less restrictive intake and exhaust
    - "big" bore kit
    - some kind of jetting
    - bigger springs in the torque convertor to get more power to the ground or something like that
  20. tow it, tow it, tow it, tow it!!! :D..........