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How to make my 1998 250 Virago louder

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Chrisco7689, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. went to dealer about pipes and also about removing baffles he told me there is no where to get virago pipes from and impossible to remove baffles

    is he Bs'ing me cause i have seen a few around mackay with a louder note and a nice system
  2. You can Drill a hole or two (or a series of around 5 very close to eachother , going the same shape in roundness as the pipe, then again you drill out the connecting pieces between the holes drilled, and you should have a ~1.5" -~2" cut looking like ( HALF A LETTER C) when you look down the exhaust. wether you put that cut at the bottom or top is your decision, then add one hole opposite it, take out all the shavings with a vaccume or somthing, file it smooth with whatever you have (eg dremel) and paint it with black hi temp paint) in the back of the final baffle through the end face of the pipe. Will make it sound more throaty.

    As for the drill size Id use one around 8-9 mm in thick (forgot the inch number)

    Called a TELMO MOD. Look it up, its simple.
  3. He is BSing. Duke's baffles rusted and he was cleaning his exhaust and they disintegrated LOL.
  4. yeah he is full of BS i woudnt go there again.
    Theres a company that specializes in de baffles. I think they had adds in two wheels. Ill post up details when i get back in.
  5. I've seen it done wit ha set of Harley Sportster-type mufflers, whether they were standard themselves is doubtful as on their own I think they would've been too restrictive.

    PM drum_star or drumstar (forget proper spelling), he's done some mods to his zorst/s.

    I'd get a second-hand set from a wreckers and have a play with those until u get the note u want, then use them or do the mod to the pipes on the bike. That way u don't stuff the ones on the bike.
  6. ok to easy i cant pm as of yet hopefully he sees this foroum
  7. i cant pm but thank u Hotcam i have got intouch with the ONLY laser dealer in australia it may seem, and the quoted me 650 for a full system for the outlaw slash cut exhaust and 3o delivery

    now need to save my pennies lol
  8. Hi

    Who was the Laser dealer?