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how to make leds visible during day?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ibanezboy21, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. hi all,

    just brought some leds signal lights online and the problem is that you cannot see them blink during the day (especially on a bright sunny day)

    any cheap mods to make them more visible?
    im thinking of tinting the clear plastic or maybe putting yellow cellophane inside the case to make them more visible

  2. What wattage are the LEDs? Cause some of the LED lights you can buy online that fit into sockets for blinker lights are no where near bright enough. Turn signals should be about 2W+ if you want them visible in day time. A single standard LED is ~0.1W. If its a SMD they can be abit more powerful but the cheap ones are only about ~0.5W.

    No cheap mods to make them more visible as it will be the amount of light they put out causing your problem i would guess. Need more information about them tho.
  3. Nothing Simple, putting a black surround may increase the contrast. Opening them up and changing the dropping resistor for a lower resistance will improve the brightness at the cost of reduced life.
  4. thats what i was thinking too, its kinda hard to see bright yellow lights in the middle of a sunny afternoon so i thought darkening the clear plastic might help