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How to make aftermarket muffler louder?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by tonee, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Hey there!

    I've got a Micron slip-on on the 04 CBR600RR and would like to have a deeper and a tad louder note to it.

    I know the TwoBros are louder but is there a cheaper way of doing it?

    Anyone would like to trade? =]
  2. Now if you'd bought a Staintune muffler you'd have gotten a nice removable baffle which you could take out and put back in to make it slightly noisy or really noisy when you want.
  3. Ive got a set of two brothers on the R1, and have just ordered a set of baffles before the thing gets EPAed... Its REALLY loud!
  4. Which Micron slip on do you have?

    Most of the Microns have a removable baffle...

    I had a Jardine RT1 titanium on my 06 and that was l o u d ! :].

    EDIT: You could always take it to an exhaust shop and get it shortened. Wont make it deeper sounding though and I wouldnt like to chop up a perfectly good slip on.

    FYI I got my Jardine from the USA for 380 delivered...

    Hope it helps
  5. I've got the single outlet one. The dual outlet has removable baffle
  6. Bore the bike out another 400cc lol
    Yeh I had the Micron on my CB600. It does sound a bit farty. Funny had one on my 636 and it sounded great.
    Pretty sure you can remove the baffle in them. But it won't make it sound deeper. More fartier if anything.
    K & N filter for more induction noise ???
  7. I've read up some other threads and people have mentioned about taking out the inside stuff but it'll make it sound like crap as you've mentioned. It's got a BMC air filter, which I did notice it made it slightly louder, maybe my ears are getting used to the noise and wants more and more everytime lol
  8. Granny's poker and a lump hammer used to be the approved method :D.
  9. Knock a small hole through the muffler. Alternatively, loosen a screw somewhere.
  10. These don't have servos/butterfly valves that I can remove do they?
  11. no they wouldnt have a butterfly in them.

    im fairly certain they are a simple straight through design.

    you could also chop in open, remove the packing in there are replace with a race baffle.

    You can find race baffle packing on ebay
  12. Inside the muffler is fiberglass sound absorbing material, if you repack it tighter it will louder, looser will be quieter.

    Or just remove it completely.