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How to make a woman happy

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. How to Make a Woman Happy

    It's not difficult to make a woman happy....

    A man only needs to be:
    1. a friend
    2. a companion
    3. a lover
    4. a brother
    5. a father
    6. a master
    7. a chef
    8. an electrician
    9. a carpenter
    10. a plumber
    11. a mechanic
    12. a decorator
    13. a stylist
    14. a sexologist
    15. a gynaecologist
    16. a psychologist
    17. a pest exterminator
    18. a psychiatrist
    19. a healer
    20. a good listener
    21. an organizer
    22. a good father
    23. very clean
    24. sympathetic
    25. athletic
    26. warm
    27. attentive
    28. gallant
    29. intelligent
    30. funny
    31. creative
    32. tender
    33. strong
    34. understanding
    35. tolerant
    36. prudent
    37. ambitious
    38. capable
    39. courageous
    40. determined!
    41. true
    42. dependable
    43. passionate
    44. compassionate

    4 5. give her compliments regularly
    46. love shopping
    47. be honest
    48. be very rich
    49. not stress her out
    50. not look at other girls

    51. give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
    52. give her lots of time, especially time for herself
    53. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes

    54. Never to forget:
    * birthdays
    * anniversaries
    * arrangements she makes

    How to Make a Man Happy
    1. Show up naked
    2. Bring food
  2. 3. Bring beer
  3. 4. be open minded
  4. Could that not be reworded to 4. Bring your sister
  5. Fixed
  6. 5. Do not interrupt whatever it is that I'm doing, unless it is for any of 1 through 4.
  7. plus

    45. a psychic
    46. a masseuse

    Done. :wink:
  8. i personally do not want/need the things in red.
  9. Hahaha Barbara :)
  10. World needs more women like you
  11. things will change when you buy a house :LOL:

    rob i think most people would agree that they would like a warm partner... not too fond of dead ones myself!
  12. Easily done! Thanks NetRider for explaining this all to me...you have made my life so much easier... haha.
    I love how easily we can classify men!
  13. Too right Es :) lol
  14. No sister? Damn! I'll guess we'll just have to make do.
  15. Wrong thread, the sexual harassment one is over there --->
  16. I dunno what would change m'dear. Care to elaborate?
  17. 5. a father

    LOL .... Whos your Daddy!!!
  18. Buy here a vibrator and lifetime supply of batteries

    give her a no limit credit card that she doesn't have to pay for

    and then

    piss off out of her sight so she doesn't have to see or hear you because you actually disgust her.
  19. Men only have 2 things that a women needs to know

    Hungry and horny

    if your man hasn't got a boner get him a sandwich