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How to make a testicle costume

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I need to make a stage outfit that looks like a scrotum with a single testicle in it. I thought I'd throw thus out there because there's some pretty creative types on here who might have some ideas.

    My first thought was to get some sort of pinkish beanbag, cut some leg and head holes in it, fill out the right shape with some foam and use some wool for pubes. But beanbags are like 50 bucks, and this number just ain't worth that kind of expenditure.

    So... Any ideas?

  2. You could make the basic shape out of chicken wire and then paper mache over the top. Cut out holes for arms, legs and head and paint it whatever shade of scrotum you like. The paper mache will allow you to get the wrinkled effect nicely. For pubes you could use black wool or paint brush bristles for a trimmed look. :)

    The head hole probably needs to be big enough to climb into it so the main support would be via the arms or use straps to hold it up.
  3. Hmm, ultimately i'd like to keep the arms inside, and have a flexible enough scrotum to be able to change the shape and use a bit of body language. But that would make for a lovely wrinkly ballbag... Hmm...
  4. Hessian painted the appropriate color wrapped around wire loops (you can add wrinkles at each loop if you want) shaped to the desired shape with pipe cleaners as pubes and you are done.
  5. You could always have a look in the op shops - then a bit of bleach and a bottle of dye and you're a nutsack :D
  6. Good ideas guys, I might drop down to savers tomorrow in search of hessian or beanbags.
  7. I'm sorry but you're not allowed to post a thread such as this without
    A) telling us why you need to be a single balled nutsack
    8) posting photos of you in the finished product!

    Yes... They are the rules.
  8. Is it about hitler?
  9. I think I found my new sig
  10. You my not want to pass up the opportunity of re-enacting the losing of said testicle, you may wish to have a "nut" along side you in the costume and release it at an appropriate time and reform the shape of the wire cage at the appropriate time to reflect the loss........ By the way the "nut" should be white with red/purple ripples down it's length, if you want realistic, a cord at each end and it is graphic as well as entertaining. 8-[
  11. dammit feck - that's what i was gonna say!
  12. I thought was a "how to", :disappointed:

    You will post up a "how to" once you've done it, right Loz?
  13. Yep...these are gunna be a couple of veeeeerry interesting shows :p
  14. I want to see the finished product please!
  15. netrider workathon?

    instead of buying a bean bag, why not find someone with a sewing machine and make your own?

    fabric might cost $15?
  16. So I found a nice wrinkly looking yellow beanbag in hard garbage. One can of pink and a little detail work in dark red, and it's looking like this.

    Yeah it's not very flesh coloured right now but I can make the excuse that the ol' ballbag doesn't get as much sun as it used to.

    Attached Files:

  17. Next step remove the beans, replace with something semi spherical or maybe a medium sized beach ball for effect.

    Cut holes for legs and head, and sew some woolly pubes through it. Its first stage outing is Thursday night. :)
  18. Ok definitely need pics of you in it on stage! :)
  19. Should paint it blue and say that you are married.