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how to make a million bucks...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. ...hide, well, i mean, get lost in the bush.


    Backpacker Jamie Neale's story could be worth $1 million

    Sydney spruiker Max Markson, who acts for Chk Chk Boom girl Clare Werbeloff and party brat Corey Worthington, said any suggestion Jamie should return monies made from his rescue could be countered by turning the scrutiny on emergency services.

    "I think it comes down to the individual person about who pays the costs but he could argue they didn't do a very good job of finding him if he was missing for 12 days," Mr Markson said.

    Backpacker Jamie Neale's ordeal 'not a hoax'

    The incredible story has sparked rumours the whole ordeal was a hoax to make money from the media - a claim disputed by an emotional Mr Cass.


    man, i love the internetz. if anything, the world wild web has made us all a bunch of cynics. "i call BS!", "obviously photoshopped!"... hell, last night catching the news, i too was a little confused by my skepticism of this particular incident. do i think he should be "rewarded" for this? no.

    i look forward to hearing the details of this "experienced" hikers story. you know, that mble phone he left behind would have ended that ordeal on day 1. just sayin'.

    oh, and lastly, that blood sucking leach who seems to pop up at the opportune time, max markson, just adds to the credibility, given his stellar clientèle.


  2. The dad looks like Warren Mitchell..aka Alf Garnet.
  3. A mobile phone???

    How about a damn compass first? F*ck me, 15km in 12 days, kids these days :LOL: If you get lost head east.

    When I go hiking I take a regular old car nav GPS with me too.
  4. Is there even cell reception in that area?
  5. I was thinking exactly the same thing - east and west is where the sun comes up and goes down respectively. There ain't much west, and there is a major capital city east.
  6. I heard that they way you use the sun and stars to get your bearings in the northern hemisphere is different from here.

    Apparently the guy's mum is a pretty experienced hiker, but when she visited, she just got confused and had to check a compass each time to confirm where North was, just because it was different enough to throw her.

    Maybe a drop bear stole his compass...
  7. oops?! :LOL:

  8. [​IMG]

    Cor Blimey, sum poms must fink we're fik.
  9. Wasnt there a pair of a guys a while back that tried to sneak into an outdoor concert and became lost after only a few hundred metres? :LOL:
  10. must have been high or stupid. they should have just followed their ears......
  11. All he has to do now is claimed he survived on the remnants stuck to an old Mars bar wrapper and he'll be set for life.
  12. FWIW the difference in where the sun is from Northern to Southern hemispheres is only a few degrees - the sun travels around the equator, so at the equator it rises due east and sets due west. From south of the equator it travels slightly north (relatively). That's why north facing houses get the most of the sun, and why moss grows on the south side of trees. Northern hemisphere it is the opposite, but the effect is only a couple of degrees each way unless you get out to the poles, so it's not like he'd be heading completely the wrong direction.

    It's amazing how many 'experienced' hikers do stupid stuff and go out completely unprepared.

    I for one think if he makes money off this (TT/ACA) he should pay for the costs of the search and rescue, and buy the local SES/CFA a couple of kegs for good measure.
  13. +1

    I think he's genuine. He wasn't intending to be out for more than a few hours and I think the Blue Mountains area can be deceptive. It's extremely rugged - far more than a lot of people expect - especially for an area not all that far from Sydney.
  14. How to make a million bucks??

    Start out with 3 million and go road racing!! :LOL: :LOL: