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How to make 10 cents

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by crinkelcut_chip, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. ...ok.. so I'm bored.. without a bike.. and not busy at work.. this is a very dangerous combination for me. I tend to think far to much and come up with some very odd ideas.
    For the resident netrider forum addicts you will probably have noticed a spike in posts from me...

    So I was watching TV and I saw a safway or coles ad or something, they were selling something.. not sure what for 99cents.. it got me thinking
    I had an idea.. I decided I'd try it just to see if it'd work

    I went to safway, and bought 10 things that cost 99 cents each..
    cost me $9.90

    I walked out, walked back to the service counter, asked for a refund for 3 of them, $2.97.. so I got $3.00 back, (surely you can see where I'm going now)
    So I walked away.. went back and got a refund for 3 more another $3 did that again then once more for the last item.. resulting in me getting $10 back for what I only paid $9.90

    yes.. I know.. weird.. stupid ridiculous all of the above...

    so if your ever 10 cents short...

    This would obviously work and be more effective for things that are a dollar a 97 cents.. or something 97 cents..
  2. errrrrrrr um i think your 10 cents short on time mate :grin: :grin:
  3. Sir, do you have any change?

  4. :LOL: You're onto the beginnings of some arbitrage (profit without any type of risk or giving up liquidity) opportunity.

    Just apply that kind of thinking to the right context and you can be a millionaire, as opposed to being just 10 cents richer. :grin:
  5. It's more profitable just to search the couches at the tip.

    ... I've uh heard or something.
  6. That's champion. I like your thinking.
  7. #7 Dupster, Mar 17, 2009
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  8. Here's a tip:

    GET A JOB!

    Pays much more than 40 cents per hour.
  9. I think someone worked that out on the Comedy Company a few years back when they got rid of 1 and 2 c pieces and were trying to introduce "rounding".... the hilarity of sketch comedy ensued....
  10. Now if only you could put that idea into scale, sadly electronic currency doesn't round.