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How to lube one's chain?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by alleyway, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    Could anyone help out a noob with a "how to" on lubing a chain? I've got a VTR250...

    Many thanks

  2. First take the bike for a quick blat to warm up the chain
    If you have a centre stand or race stand put the bike up on that in neutral with the engine OFF!!!. Get a can of WD40 and a can Of motul chain lube, along with a rag. Spray along the chain with the WD40 avoiding getting it on the tyre and rub all the old crap off the chain, I find doing it in small sections the easiest and use your hand to turn the wheel. Once you have your chain in a reasonable state swap to the motul, I find spining the tyre quickly and spraying along the top of the chain the easiest.
    Your priority is not getting any lube or WD40 on the brake disk or tyre
    Finish off with an other quick blat
  3. I use some stuff called CT18 for cleaning the gunk off.

    I use a toothbrush with diluted CT18 over / under / sides of the links and on the sprocket, give both a good coating, let it sit for a bit (~15min), rinse it off. Then do the same again but with undiluted CT18, again let it sit for a little while and rinse. I let it sit to dry but I'm not sure if thats needed :) Then simply spray on the lube, wipe down the tyre a bit and give it a little run around.

    If you're cheap like me and don't yet have a stand, simply move the bike forward to expose the next bit of chain. Much quicker with a stand though, you also won't have stains all over your driveway.
  4. Lube a warm chain every 3-400k with any number of chain lube products available. A small amount often is better that over doing it occasionally but you will always have some "fling off"
    Clean the crap off twice per year using kero, rag & soft cheap brush.

    Keep hoses and pressure washers away from your chain.

    Do a NR search too as its been discussed plenty of times.
  5. Grab a waste peice of cardboard and cut it out so that it slots in between the chain and the wheel - this way when you spray your lube and clean your chain the crap doesn't go all over everything.

    I use Kero and a tooth brush for cleaning, works really well. There is a thread somewhere here that has pictures of someone cleaning a chain with a cardboard shield as mentioned.
  6. ^^ Bugger the cardboard. If you splash enough kero on the rear wheel it is easier to get the old "fling off" off. :LOL:
  7. I use Bel-Ray chain lube ( the anti fling-off stuff ) which is good for the o-ring chain.

    Do it after a ride while the chain is still warm.

    Spray some on the teeth of the rear sprocket where the inside of the chain goes, spray some on the top and on both sides of the chain.

    If its been a wet week of riding, I lube the chain once a week.
    If it's been dry then I'll lube the chain every couple of weeks.
  8. Hey alleyway - I've got a VTR250 as well, and no centrestand. Do it every few hundred kms and when the chain is warm. I spray it, wheel it forward, spray it again and keep doing so till all the chain is coated. I usually put cardboard between the chain and tyre as well.

    As for cleaning it - every 1000kms or so. Kero and a toothbrush till it's clean. Then go for a quick spin to warm it up and back home to give it a coat of lube.

  9. Just to make it a little bit easier for those of you without a centre or race stand...grab a piece of wood that is maybe 10mm taller than the bottom of the swingarm where the rear axle bolt goes, standing on the same side of the bike as the side stand lean the bike towards you using the side stand as a pivot and either you or a mate slips the bit of wood under the swingarm where the rear axle is on the other side of the bike...this will lift the rear tyre off the ground by a few mm and it makes things a hell of a lot easier than rolling the bike backwards and forwards.

    To get it off your little swingarm stand just tilt the bike over towards you until the bit of wood falls out...and then tip the bike the other way till the rear wheel is back on the ground.

    It sounds complicated and dodgy but it works well :)
  10. +1 Bamm Bamm, just don't forget to lock off the front brake though. PVC pipe cut to size works well too.

    I've posted up my improvised rock and shifter stand various times on the forums... that's another trick you can use... :)
  11. Thanks for the tips guys - will give it a try!

  12. Saw this post and just wanted to ask, should i be lubing the chain once every few weeks? A noob question..... what would al ubed chain feel like (rididng wise) compared to one that needs to be lubed?
  13. Can't help you out with the chain feeling wise, but 2wheelsagain said that he'd do his once every 300-400kms. (for me, thats about a weeks travels).
  14. Id do that easily in a week. Never new i had to lube the chain that often.. I was thinking just at service, shows how much of a noob i am
  15. My bike's shop book says every 1000km. I do it every 2nd tank of fuel which is around 5 - 600km or after a 'ride' which is around 3 - 400km. If it's been raining I will do it more often.

    An o-ring chain can take a fair amount of abuse so don't be too concerned about it - just start lubing it from now on.
  16. Or get one of these... Small enough to take with you on longer trips too.