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How to loosen clutch lock nut and adjuster?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by RedWings01, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Its stuck and I can't turn it at all. Need to adjust the clutch cable because it stalls even with the clutch in. This was after I installed a new clutch lever. Any tips?

    BTW i own a VTR 250.
  2. Try the old lever back on it.
    The new one might not be quite right.
  3. Yeah put the old broken one back in. When I clutch in the bike still wont start in gear. I noticed that if I push the two wires in a bit more it will sometimes start. It works 1/10 times depends on how much fiddling I do with the wires. When I release the clutch, the socket where the two wires plug into push out. So if I get the wires in a perfect place, keep the clutch pulled in, I can start it in gear no issue. Only when I release the clutch and pull it back in the wires become loose and It wont start again. I have no idea whats going on. The new clutch lever does not have any chance of starting the bike with clutch in. The friction zone is about 90% released from the handlebar. Ive been trying to mess around with it for the past few hours and can't seem to fix it. Might take it to a mechanic.
  4. Sounds like time for a new clutch cable.
  5. Don't think its the clutch cable. Might be something to do with the clutch safety switch that prevents you from starting in gear without the clutch in.
  6. How are you adjusting the clutch? You know you can do it at both ends. Aim for 4-5mm of slack
  7. If you are fiddling with wires, it sounds like the clutch safety switch has a problem. - possibly stressed and detached from the contacts within.