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How To Look Your Best When Riding A Motorcycle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rjr1100, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Found this article and just had to share it. Apparently there is another reason for ATGATT. Sorry couldn't post the article any other way because I have NFI about tech stuff.

  2. ATGATT? "If you do not want to wear a helmet, tie your hair or put on some gel on your hair"

    And then, "Just learn the art of mixing and matching your jackets, chaps and motorcycle riding gloves.
    "Make sure your bike does not make funny noises. If it does make a sound, it should be music to the ears. How do you do that? Keep the muffler clean.
    "Keep the smoke emitted as transparent as possible. It is a total turn off to see a bike that is not even eco friendly."

    I suspect the author thinks they look good, I suspect they ride a 250 with bad ass bits attached in a country full of 50cc scooters, and I suspect they're semi-retarded. Not trying to be negative :) Interesting topic, but they did a terrible job of it. They didn't even stay on topic in that very short piece - building character?, a suit to protect your clothes from puddles?, exhaust noise caused by dirtiness? :LOL:
  3. It crackes me up that their idea of ATGATT was to keep muddy puddle water off your clothes.:-s This is not a ATGATT thread buy the way. Each to thier own. Just thought the article was funny.
  4. Priorities, man, priorities....when you look as good as some of us do.
  5. I put a bit of necklace on my head cause I wanted to glam up today and every time I bend over to do up my shoes it falls off. What am I doing wrong? Oh it's OK, worked out that when I put my hat on it stays in place. My hand looks pretty when it's all shiny. Off to catch the bus. It's gonna be a good day!
  6. Just ride a nice bike.
  7. I prefer to just park mine near high schools and sit on it hoping someone will come and talk to me.

    Possibly I'll try it without the mankini this time.
  8. That's the one for women & metros, the mans one is only one word: Cruiserface.
  9. hehehe. Cruiserface doesn't do jack if you wear a full face with a dark tint visor.
  10. If people can see what you look like you are not going fast enough
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  11. Wear red and lean forward more, It makes you look faster. Wave to other riders so that people think you a are in a motorbike club. Mullets look the best in the wind, I'm growing one now. Hope that helped guys
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  12. When possible, go super slow rather than stop, keeping feet on pegs. E.g. when waiting for pedestrians to cross so you can turn at lights. Looks like youve got awesome control (which you do ;))
  13. Tie flowers to your handlebars so people think you are romantic.
  14. just copy the link from the address bar and paste in post. Nothing complicated about it :)
  15. If you do it right it does. At least that's what I like to think on the inside.
  16. Don't fall off.
  17. when i'm riding my sportbike with leather race suit,
    i wear my badarse schoolbag that i had in primary school
    its green with purple and pink highlights.

    total badarse.

    i study ecology at uni but still
    i F UCKING HATE the political catchcry of "green' 'carbon friendly'
    and all that bullshit, i am getting a 2 smoker so i pollute even more!