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How to look cool on a sports bike.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. I figured it out!

    I just had to look at others riding their shiny new sports machines.

    All you have to do is put both feet down when you stop at the lights then leave them off the pegs for at least 200M when you take off only to very slowly lift them up and put them on the pegs when you need to change gears...

    (Do you do this??? Why.... Please explain.)

  2. You have to have at least one foot on the pegs, as you should be in top gear by 200m :rofl:
  3. No I don't, but I know where it comes from. Look at the road racers and they often do this when the race starts.
  4. Left glove first...
  5. Be small. It's that simple. A small guy on big bike looks a LOT better than a big guy on a small bike. I was dead set on a NSR250 but i'm 6'1 and just looked stupid on it. I felt like a giant oaf riding a BMX. Colour coordinated and you are on your way to 'cool'.
  6. Bag of wank

  7. Assuming perfectly level ground, I take off with my right foot already on the brake lever just in case, and lift my left foot as soon as I feel stable (usually just a couple of metres).
  8. to look cool don't ask stupid questions!:nopity:
  9. how to look cool on a harley:

    dress like a pirate the 364 other days of the year it isn't talk like a pirate day :)
  10. I see that alot and its halarious seeing people doing it. its like they wanna fly or something... maybe try be like superman?
  11. Meh, I'm just to fekkin l;azy to lift my feet up.
  12. I wear roller blades for extra stability.
  13. Only the cool kids know why they do this. So I suppose it's just one of the things you will never know.
  14. I think they are scared its gonna flip or something.

  15. I got an open-mouthed stare from a woman last week on a long ride when I was stretching my legs on the freeway by just extending them out and letting 'em drag on the cement, I think she thought my legs were gonna get torn off :rofl:
  16. Thats how i clean off oil n crap from the bottom of my boots.
  17. Should see me on my bike. ZZR250 and im 6'1", 120kg (admittedly, 20 of that is 'recession resistance').....

    Bike sees me coming: :eek:hno:
  18. partly this. the other part is that I actually enjoy it to a degree. almost as though im floating or something... you should try it sometime
  19. Is your bike called Titanic?
    "Oh jack it feels like im flying!" (or whatever it was she said)

    Except for the big vibrating engine against your sac?
  20. I only do this when I'm in heavy traffic and I can't be bothered to filter. What's the point in going to all the effort of putting your feet up on the pegs for 5 sec, before you have to put them down again.