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How to look after your gear ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dangermouse, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Im the proud new owner of a Dainese HF Special Jacket.

    It fantastic soft leather and i wanted to know the best way to take care of it.

    Is there treatment that can get done to the leather to keep it in top condition?

    Any other care instructions would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I use Dubbin on my jacket but there's plenty of leather polishing/cleaning products out there.

    Just remember to test them first on little patches, especially if you have different coloured sections on the jacket. Each different colour had a different dye and dyeing process and they may react differently.
  3. +1 for the Dubbin.

    I've found that Dubbin works best when you apply it with a brush, place the leather out in the sun for a short while (30 min of so) and then buff it with a cloth or brush. Some time in the sun helps the Dubbin penetrate into the leather. It reduces break in time for leather clothing and boots, helps with waterproofing the leather (not 100% though) and has the added bonus of making the leather look a little older and worn in (if that's what you're after).

    By the sounds of it you don't need the softening effect, but a regular going over with Dubbin will ensure the leather never becomes dry or brittle.

    Also know a couple of people using Nikwax leather treatment instead with good results.
  4. +1 Dubbins also
    I don't own a leather jacket, but my boots are often treated with the stuff
  5. ...did someone mention dubbin?!... :eek:hno:
  6. looks like dubbin is the way to go, can someone tell me exactly what the name of the product is in full do i just ask for Dubbin or is it actually called something else ? secondly were can i purchase product from and how much.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. If you care about your new jacket stay away from Dubbin.

    Get some Snow-Seal, it's good stuff (it wont weaken and rot the leather) and the best bit is it's available from the NR online store. :)

    PS Nikwax is good also.
  8. Wow there's a spanner in the works, whilst im open to opinions id like to know if anyone else can vouch for this sno-seal stuff ?
  9. I've used both.
    My nearly 28 year old jacket is still in excellent condition ( except for the marks from being "used" on the road surface) and it gets dubbin most times. The 8 year old leather pants are the same.
    Dubbin is probabaly easier to apply but both willl leave tell tale marks on the bike if you don't thoroughly buff off the residue.
    You wont be dissapointed with either.
  10. I've heard that Dubbin rots stitches - is that true? :popcorn:

    Yes that's for you Rob :p :LOL:
  11. +1 for sno seal
  12. dangermouse,

    It's just called plain old "Dubbin". You can get it from camping stores or a good boot shop. Can't remember how much (think about $12 or so) as I haven't bought it in a while. A normal tin lasts for ages.

    Never heard of Dubbin rotting stitches before. I've used it for years on boots the have exposed stitching without the stitches rotting. I suppose if you use Dubbin the leather will last longer than the stitching. Maybe that's what happened with what's being referred to.

  13. And you can buy dubbin from safeway supermarkets as well!.

    Have used it for 30 yrs - havent had any stitches rotted yet -!

    My gear tends to last for 5-6 yrs - and I use it every day, all weather. My shape either changes too much (fatter not slimmer) or I send it down the road and the ambos cut it off.

    Still use dubbin - still happy with the result.
  14. ^^
    :LOL: Hey Peter MY jacket still fits :p :p
    ( Pants replaced through Ambo reason as yours :cry: )
    Ditto with no detrimental effects from Dubbin.

    PS Hows the comms system ??