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How to lock my steering

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bodglet83, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    Stupid question but im hacing trouble locking the steering in my suzuki intruder 250 that i just picked up.

    Where is think the lock is isnt working? is there a trick to it or am i looking in the wrong spot?

  2. ummm....no such thing as a stupid question.

    turn steering full lock left, turn key (without breaking it) anti clockwise till it can't turn no more.

    if you can't operate the steering column, congratulation you pass go & collect $200
  3. Usually, you need to push down to get from 'Off' to 'Lock'. :)
  4. On my old bike if you turn it all the way to the left you won't be able to lock the steering, you need to turn all the way left then slightly right.
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  5. Agree. Sometimes you have to adjust the steering to get it just in the right spot.
  6. No luck trying all of the above. I put the key in an turn it anti clockwise and nothing actually happens. Tried wiggeling the steering and stuff still nothing. Should something pop out or should it just lock.
  7. Is the steering lock part of the ignition lock or is it a separate lock?
    The steering lock on my M109r is just behind the front forks.
  8. No its seperate. The ignition is behind my left knee. There is a small lock on the side of the steering colum which takes a smaller key. The key turns 1/4 of the way and does nothing.
  9. Yours wasn't a stupid question, but mine is. Why would you use the 'steering lock' anyway? For a determined thief, they aren't hard to break.
  10. Just fi
    Just figure its better than no lock at all. Dont want to let anyone just walk off with it without trying.

    I have just purchased a disc lock anyway.
  11. If the intruder steering lock is anything like the virago, you turn it full lock away from the side of the bike with the lock (on the virago you turn it to the right), insert the key, turn (in the direction it allows to turn - again on the virago its anti-clockwise), push in until it stops and then turn the key back to original position. If not, ayeuhno (n) (n)
  12. It's probably broken.
  13. Taking its not a brand new bike? Could definately be broken.
  14. I had an old xl250 that got hit by a car when parked, then wouldnt lock. The forks still looked straight
  15. Rebuilding my gixxer & couldn't lock the steering!

    freaked out cause i thought frame / forks something important was bent & i only find out when i am 95% done!

    nope it was just the electrical cables getting snagged & in the way of the steering.

    maybe check that, but it shouldn't be that hard to lock the steering, i would get it checked out by a bike mechanic or someone very experienced.
  16. +1 on cables snagged. Couldn't lock the steering on my Blade after a major service. Clutch cable was hooked on an engine bolt but still worked fine.