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How to land a plane

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by vic, May 3, 2007.

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    Luckily this car was in the right place and at the right time ;)

  2. Must remember that technique if I ever only get two greens.. :LOL:
  3. An oldy but a goodie. :grin:

    Although in truly frustrating Hollywood style, they have the guy try to race the jet instead of getting out of the way. I can't imagine why someone in that situation would not just move off to the side of the road. Just like people on foot being chased by a car always run away down the centre of the road. People being chased on foot or in a car always run or drive to isolated locations, so their pursuer can do them in without witnesses or protection from numbers. Oh yeah, and cars never start, but only when people are trying to get away from someone. People drop keys when trying to open car doors, and can't put the key in the ignition. Ho hum. . .

    I know, I'm boring. :p
  4. You'd be supprised how much people fumble when they rush.

    Great clip, as said in the youtube comments, could have been a great car ad, say if the landing wheel was already broken and the car didnt break when the plane landed on it.
  5. Yes, particularly since the DC10 approaches at 145 knots (270kph)... :LOL:
  6. I'd love to see the movie that would be made if we couldn't be dramatic... guy see a plane in his rearview mirror, moves across. it lands..... the end :LOL:
  7. I seem to remember seeing something similar on Thunderbirds. :LOL:
  8. Yeah, movies might actually have to have a story, told well, with great acting, visuals, concepts and so on. Would be a shame. :p

    Lots of todays TV shows are just drama, with no content at all, like "Lost", and most reality shows. They are designed to keep you watching, so that the TV channel can sell advertising time. They have no intention of entertaining people. Even the damn documentaries like Air Crash Investigtion only have a few minutes of information, and 45 minutes of filler and repeated scenes.

    That's why I bought a PVR. I record what I want to watch, and watch it later, skipping ads and fast forwarding through boring bits. Much better. :grin:
  9. Yes Yes Yes,,thank Dog for the Foxtel IQ... :grin:
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  11. Ive got one of those cars the grandma was driving!
    Except mine is a convertable!