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How to install slip on exhaust?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by fizmotech, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I have a gpx250 which i want to take the two bro exhaust slip ons off and return to stock.

    Anyone have a link to a "how to" article?

    Anything tricky I need to be aware of?

    Lastly any specialised tools needed that will end the DIY?
  2. Piece of piss, a couple of bolts, some elbow grease, voila.
  3. It's as easy as a finger up the bum. Similar process.
  4. First hand experience?
  5. can you please teach? do you need lube or gasket sealant for that job? ;-P

    so unbolt em, but dont they have a gasket and dont they need sealant?

    looking at the two bros site, it does look easy to put their slips on, i just worried the originals might need something else.

    i can get sealant from somewhere like repco cant i?
  6. Unbolt old ones, remove springs if there's any, and slip off

    Slip on new ones, replace springs and bolts.

    Drink six pack of beer to congratulate yourself on such a tough job. :p
  7. so no need for a gasket and sealant?

    i dont mind putting sealant on, but getting hold of some kinda gasket at short notice might be an ask.
  8. Um, you can use a bit of copper grease if you want... Don't forget the beer part though, that's very important.
  9. Use Hi-Temp silicone. Avail at repco etc. Coloured red. Cheap, and it works well.
  10. thanks, so no need for some kinda gasket as its not a flush seal obviouslly. just some red sealant to get her snug.

    also the stock mufflers have been drilled. screw them or putty them?

    loz, im sorry to let you down with the beer part, its a jim beam feeling i have.
  11. Step 4 (or whatever): Supply adge with two brothers slip ons at nil cost.
  12. no probs, providing you give me a case of bourbon at no cost ha ha :p

    i will chuck them back on as soon as ive moved out of the flats im in. it is fricken loud. i have owned many trail bikes and this thing is loud at open throttle in first. i like it, but respect my neighbours at 6am while it takes 5 mins to warm up.
  13. ???? Original gpx pipes were a one piece header and pipe. ?????

    If you've got a slip on... you're not really going to be able to reverse the process... got a pic?
  14. Hint: SLIP ON.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Fiz mate... if I haven't misunderstood, then I think your goal might be thwarted.

    But before I say any further, put up a pic of what you are calling the original pipes.

    The shit stirring comments are right, slip ons, simply slip off. But unless the gpx exhaust system is in two pieces, i.e., header pipe with bolted on exhaust pipe & muffler (which I don't think it is), you might be snookered.

    Anyway, put up the picture of what you have as the original and that will stop the assumptions.


  16. it definitely wont work if you substitute beer for spirits. it will cause you to run lean.
  17. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

    i love it.
  18. ummm, what do you mean by loosen, can you explain?

    guys, i went as is, really isnt that loud, i just have wanker neighbours whose cars are just as loud.

    anyways its up for sale now, two bros and all.