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How To Install a Tacho - Mighty Mods New Episode

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Apr 13, 2009.

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    First things first - we have had MORE donations from Netrider than ANY OTHER FORUM. As such a big thank you to everyone who thre some money our way.

    I can tell you this much - we have bought a car and our Season finale will be up very soon. (In fact the car used for this tacho install is the car that Netrider members bought us so we have tried to keep it hidden for most of this video)

    OK the time finally came to fall under the weight of the emails asking for a tacho install.

    We've had emails saying "Not everyone has a turbo but you have only showed how to put in a boost gauge. Why don't you show how to put in a tacho for everyone with a naturally aspirated car!"

    And true story: We had an email petition from the 'Mexican Sports Car Owners Club' with 5 names on it requesting the install. (Yes, read 'FIVE' names)

    So Easter saturday morning and one big ass tacho - here it is.


    Let me know who is putting one on their bike!



  2. "A tacho will not make your Hyundai look cool" :LOL:

    You guys are nuts, but you rock!!!
  3. You guys do a great job!
  4. I installed a taco on my car but am starting to regret it....

  5. :LOL: Brilliant find!
  6. We should have a 'funny post of the month' award!
  7. Piff it in the "great quotes" thread, we can do something with that someday.
  8. I'm still really keen to see someone install one of these on their Sachs MadAss :)
  9. I'm not