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How to improve performance of '06 Suzuki GS500F

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by zabble, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all. Hope i am in the right topic area...

    As much as i would love to lash out and buy a bigger and more powerful bike, my budget (and pregnant wife) dictate that i need to 'think outside the square'.

    So, i am wondering what, if any, simple and affordable modifications could be made to my bike to get a bit more grunt out of it. It feels like when i need to get it moving, i have to just about strangle it.

    I am not that familiar with the detailed technical stuff but will happily hand over to my local bike shop with all suggestions in mind.

    Was told by a friend that changing the rear sprocket can help with off the line speed and putting a sports exhaust on could add a few kw's.

    I have searched through the thousands of posts but couldn't find anything.

    thanks for reading. cheers.

  2. For these old dinosaurs the sprocket/gearing change is about the only easily $$ efficient thing you could do.
  3. Aftermarket air filter + high flow muffler and go up 4 on the rear sprock. It'll be awesome :)
  4. You can also replace carbies as well for greater performance.

    Exhaust first though, and change gearing - either drop a tooth off the front or add some extras on the back..
  5. ok cool. that gives me some idea of what to do.

    Just on the exhaust...would i be replacing the entire exhaust system or could i just get one of those 'slip-on' exhausts that i read about ?

    thanks for all the replies. I would give the upgrades a crack myself but seeing as the bike is still under warranty i might take it to the dealership.

    thanks again.
  6. It'll be hard to find a full system for the GS I think, you'll probably end up with a slipon. http://www.gstwins.com/gsboard/ has info on rejetting the carbs if I remember correctly, that should give you a bit more power. Be careful with changing the sprockets, you'll really run out of top-end puff. I've got stock gearing and I was really struggling even on the short straights at Wakefield.
  7. Full will be more performance, but not worth the cost. Even a full system won't give muuchhh extra power.

    Slip on is the way to go.
  8. Slip on. Then look at some carbies off something else. The stock carbs on the GS500 are pretty "low performance" so you should be able to score a cheap set of 4 cylinder carbs off something like a GSXR1100. You will need the middle two. Not exactly the easiest swap - you will need to fiddle to get the linkages between the two carbies set up right, but certainly not impossible and I'm sure you'll find a how to on the web.

    If I ever get a set of FCR's you can score my TRX 850 dual carbs instead :D
  9. With the money your highlighting to spend on upgrading that steamboat, your better of selling and getting a second hand blackbird or CB1300. :roll:
  10. You should be able to get decent cash for an 06 GS500, which will give you plenty of cash for a bike with much more grunt (albeit a slightly older one). I changed the jets in mine, that helped a little, but you're never going to get awesome power out of these.
  11. ...can't believe no one has said, "get off and push!" :LOL:

    All tweak suggestions sound about right :) Good luck with it and the pending birth.
  12. before you spend any money have you tried dropping gears before pulling out???

    as a general rule i followed when i had my gs was never allow the rev to go below 4000, but aim to keep it above 5000, they will rev strongly to 9 and a half k and will continue to rev to 11k

    cheaps conversion is deifantely going to be sprockets, and as the speedo is front wheel driven it won't put the speedo out but you will probably lose a hell of a lot of top end, for nice acceleration drop a tooth on the front and up 2 on the rear, or do the front first see how that goes, if you still want abit more accel do the rear, anymore and you will lose a heap of straight line speed