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How to identify unmarked police vehicles (motorcycles and cars)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by daedalus, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Can someone please give me a comprehensive guide or tips to identify unmarked police vehicles?

    according to wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_South_Wales_Police_Force) :

    Holden SS Commodores and Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo or XR8s

    BMW road motorcycles and trail bikes for off-road duty

    Is the wikipedia extensive?

    Additional information such as colour, make would be good to better identify!

  2. An easy way to tell for sure, is to wheelie past them and judge by their response. I find this gets tiring but it sure is effective :p
  3. I've been in a car and my mate was pulled over by an xr5 (yes a focus) for an rbt. It was unmarked. There's no way to tell up in Queensland except they are usually the ****s who follow you really really closely
  4. any commodore any falcon, any VW any camray, any holden/ford ute etc.
  5. Vic has Falcon and bommodoore utes. Holden astra and Golf turbo diesel's. There is a territory patrolling the Eastern FWY atm.
  6. Ford territory Turbo. Cann river to and across the border, Driven By Derrick.
  7. Yea i've seen unmarked Golf GTI's too. Had never heard of unmarked bikes tho! Anyone confirm if these are on QLD roads?
  8. Beware of 4wd's too. I've seen a Pajero, a Pathfinder and excuse the pun, a Patrol all who have pulled someone over.....
  9. look for a plain bike with a policeman/woman on it
  10. Start beating a minority. If a car driver jumps out and helps you do it, it's probably a cop car.
  11. i was pulled over on my pushbike by an unmarked non-commodore holden, i forget what one but it was no commodore!
  12. NSW cops and some other states have/are changing to FJRs.
  13. Over here we've got a Subaru WRX and a Landcruiser, as well as the usual Commodes.
  14. I've seen both marked and unmarked Suzuki Swift cop cars :rofl: try and catch anyone in that :p
  15. They can be in anything relatively new.

    Vast majority are in Commodores and Falcons though.

    I usually look for darker than legal tint, aerials, steel-rims with no hubcaps, and who's driving.
    If I'm not sure: play it safe.
  16. Look for stuff cop cars don't have;

    Dealership number plate surrounds,
    Anything on the rear partial shelf besides lights: i.e. tissues, hat's, soft toys whatever;

    Usually these things plus looking for the party lights mounted inside usually serve me pretty well and let me know when to slow down or speed up and party.

  17. If a car behind you is old, knocked about a bit and has obviously done a few miles, then it probably isnt one. Anything else could be, in my experience!!!
  18. I thought this too until I saw an undercover ute with a towball on the back pulling someone over. So sneaky too, he pulled out in front of me (thanks @ss), flicked his lights off and I couldn't for the life of me pick where the lights were hidden.
  19. You can't outrun a radio...............................easily anyway.

    And I've seen cops in all kinds of unmarked cars - I think the days of "looking out for the one with the big aerial " (or whatever) are over - you're just fooling yourself with BS and myths.
  20. They're pretty hard to pick, the only way I'm comfortable confirming it is riding up alongside them and having a good look at the driver.
    Yeah with the tinted windows you can hardly see the lights.

    One thing to watch out for, if you take off from some lights leaving most of the other traffic behind, but one car sticks with you i.e. is trying to match your speed - don't speed :]