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How to hit n run and get away with it-*long* (cars no bikes)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by livingstonest, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. A close friend of mine called me today to relate the following events to which i had no answer.....perhaps you guys can suggest

    My friend was driving behind a P plater girl in a corolla in the right lane of a two lane road. The P plater then slowed down to a stop and sat in the middle of the road. She then reversed the car hitting my friend causing bumper damage.....she had missed a right turn and wanted to reverse so that she could take it.

    Friend got out and inspected damage to which he signalled the girl to pull over to exchange details. As he walked back towards his car he was suprised to see the corolla take off! He quickly gets back into car and chases the girl! After flying round the block twice she was trapped behind red lights at which point my friend got out and went to speak with her.

    Friend - "Why did you not stop but try and run away from me?"
    Girl - "I didn't try to run away if i wanted to I wouldv'e gotten away"
    (Exact words exchanged may not have been used by actual persons involved)

    Anyway she gave him a dodgy address and phone number and my friend got the rego.......girl did not have licence on her.

    Few hours afterwards he went to fairfield police station to report event. Fairfield told him that the girl had already reported the event at castlehill police station though her events were different.

    She stated that my friend rear ended her, then as they exchanged details he grabbed her arm and punched her in the back, so she got back in the car and drove away to save her life!

    Anyway coppers say its a he said she said thing and there's nothing they can do. So....basically my friend has to fork out for his own repairs.

    And that's how you cause an accident and get away with it! Unbelievable!!!
  2. your friend didn't happen to notice anyone that witnessed the crash?
  3. This is pretty much what happened to me, cept I was turning right and a red P-plater who was supposed to be at school hit my car.

    Problem was I had to prove she ran the red for it to be her fault.

    The problem is the legal precedent/rules.

    Forensically you could probably prove what happened. If he was stationary, and was hit there is different damage than if he rear ended her. It *could* be proved, but it's a lot of time and effort. If he goes through insurance and keeps complaining about what happened the insurance company should go in to bat for him, though that's fairly unlikely unless there was a witness, the key will be to just go out and ask some of the houses/businesses in the area.

    I've been a victim of this kind of hit and run also, it's not cool. I got the plates and reported the accident since the middle aged lady kept going. Never followed it up though cause it wasn't worth my time (no real damage to my car and I assume she also had none as I was never contacted)
  4. I would be calling insurance co and reporting her backing into his car in a parking lot.

    Saying he wasnt in the car at the time.
    If she wants to lie, then two can play at that game.

    All he really needs is a receipt to back up his story, it will prove he was there. The damage to her car will prove there was an incident, and she has to prove she wasnt there. Much harder to do.
  5. after several bad experiances over the years first thing i do at any bingle if your in the rite is call the cops, let them sort it out.
  6. Go and ask all your friends if they have any damage to thier car at all, then over the next few weeks, all start reporting the same girl/rego number to the police.

    Every body lies in the legal system, it's like your allowed cept your not but you can (legal jargon for "as long as you get away with it, it's fine")

    Or try this, write a whole bunch of notes on small scraps of paper saying this~

    I'm so very sorry for backing into you car whislt you were away, heres my name and details,<her name/rego number>

    then where ever you go, drop into the local parking lot and smash a few cars up at the rear and leave the notes under the windscreen wipers, run fast, don't look back.

  7. :? :? What movie was that it?
    If it wasnt in a movie, you should make it and enter the next spielberg short movie contest :roll: :roll:
  8. That's a f*cken shocker. Makes you so angry but there's nothing you can do about it.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Anyway like you guys say there's really nothing you can do about it. Legally or insurance wise.

    So friends just gonna pay for damages himself which is really just minor bumper damage.

    He's actually more pissed off about her doing a runner, then saying if she was running away she woulda got away, then reporting to the cops that he rear ended her and that he had grabbed her arm which is all for of s***!!

    Although i do not approve.....my friend was given her address from the cops and so he's gonna get at least alittle revenge just to teach her that you can't do this sorta stuff and get away with it! Something to her car he said....not now but a year from now.....the long slow Charles Bronsonish revenge!! haha
  10. Surely if she has provided a false address and contact details at the scene, and the Police have confirmed that it's false, then she can be charged with failure to provide her details or providing false details.

    In Victoria she certainly would have been charged, and that then would have put her story into the doubtful side when it came to insurance companies slugging it out.
  11. If the girl has your friends details then it might bit wise to let it drop.....she has shown that she is more than happy to make stuff up and if you start to invent things to get her in trouble there is little doubt she will start to return the favour. Which would quickly get out of hand.

    If she doesn't have your details just start reporting her to the littering and terrorist hotlines and whatever else you can come up with.

    Alternatively you could try and establish some kind of history of her doing a runner and making up bullshit, even better if you could get together with a few people that have had similar dealings your friend might be able to get a win. But that all comes down to an effort verses reward equation.
  12. grab her by the arm and punch her in the back [jest]

    seriously tho, dale is on the money. still got that phony address? theres ur proof.

    take her to court, a nasty lawyer will have her crying on the stand.

    get some xgirlfriends to character him. you either hit woman or you dont.

    dont let her get away with it. what she did was low, it has to go against her. i believe she has gotten away with heaps in the past.
  13. Make them check out the scene.

    No skid marks + small amount of damage = car moving slowly when it hit, yes?

    Giving false details is an offence, isn't it? Driving with no licence most definitely is an offence.
  14. Get revenge, forget legal, it won't go anywhere.
    Don't try and get her in trouble, just go round one night and empty a couple of bottles of bleach/ pool chlorine over the car.
    It won't happen overnight, but the car wil rust away.
    *Disclaimer* I do not approve of such actions, and have never done anything like this. This was a random musing.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Make up a fake sergeant-at-arms business card for a mythical patch club. No contact details on - it just a logo and a name and position. On the back just write - "you lied and we know who you are" and leave it under her wipers.

    For the next year she will be crapping herself whenever a bike pulls in behind her. :LOL:
  16. Brake fluid on the duco. Nuff said.