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how to handle road ragers on a cycle but it could easily apply to motorcycles

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Very handy. :)
  3. Assuming that you are not in the wrong, eh?
  4. I've done the slow clap before as well as a wave. I wave when they cut me off and they see me in their rear view mirror. A slow clap for someone in the right lane on a freeway slowing everyone down...not so much a slow clap because I had to rush it before the bike slowed down too much...but was hilarious :)
  5. Blow a kiss. Always blow a kiss. I you think you did nothing wrong and they're raging at you and you blow a kiss in their direction they will go APE!
  6. Slightly OT, but I was in the cage yesterday, turning left into a main road from business premises. A postie on postiebike was coming down the main road from the opposite direction turning right across me into a side street. As I turned into the main road I slowed down to let him through in good time and gave him the thumbs up.

    He must have thought I was giving him the finger because he started mouthing off and gesticulating at me. :LOL:
  7. Of course not, why else would someone in a car yell at a cyclist?

  8. I've done the wave and slow clap too. On both the motorbike and pushie. The others look worth testing.
  9. Top marks sir. I've often given a big thumbs up but never thought of this.
  10. Hmmm, I dunno .......... I reckon "flash them" is worth a try.
  11. Blow a kiss always works a treat.

    Simple shrug, arms out like FTW.

    Another fav - get them to wind a window down (probably wont do it if they are completely raging at you) - but more if they cut you off, do something dumb - pull up along side them like you have something to tell them and and in a really clam voice let them know there L plate just fell off. RAGE ahoy ahoy. Maybe add the blow the kiss as you filter forward.
  12. Indecipherable sign language is always a good bet. Draw a circle around the top of your head or put a flat palm up towards the sky have worked week for me. They spend the rest of the day wondering what it means.
  13. .... I have made a sweeping gesture with my arm and hand ... Meaning.... " oh! after you!"

    ... Got some good looks from that one!!...8-[
  14. Around a dangerous driver, the last thing I intend to do is take my hands off the controls.

    Head shake and/or horn works for me.
  15. I'm going to flash my moobs next time. Thanks for the suggestion!
  16. Whatever the reason, sitting on a bike alongside someone's ton-and-a-half of mobile self-esteem and belittling them doesn't strike me as particularly smart. Just GTF out of there IMO.

    (But if they can't get at you, then yes, blow a kiss :D )
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