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How-to guide for chain adjustment

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by templemonkey, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I need to adjust the chain on my Spada as it has gotten a little too loose for comfort. In fact, I need to tighten it before I even take it somewhere to be properly looked at (and realigned after my efforts :? )

    Does anyone know of a proper how-to guide for chain adjustment? Preferably with diagrams/pictures and easily followed instructions.

  2. it is a fairly easy thing to do.

    1- loosen the bolt on the chain side of the axle just enough so that the adjustments can be made
    2- screw in the bolt on the end of the swingarm until the chain is tight enough. this means about and inch and a half to two inches of vertical movement usually. it doesn't take much adjustment to tighten the chain so dont go overboard.
    3- there should be a little plate with notches to tell you where the adjustment is that the axle goes though. check where the chain side is and make it the same on the other side.
    4- go over is a couple of times cos you probably stuffed it up :wink:
    5- once you're happy that you've got both sides the same and that the chain is just right, tighten that bolt again and stick the cotter pin back through....
  3. Don't talk to me about chains, buggery things that they are :evil:

    You should have some marks on the back for your swing arm, just slacken off the main nut and then adjust so that the wheel moves back. Adjust it slowly because it's a pain if you make the chain too tight. You should end up with the same indicator marked on both sides (just count the marks) and the chain should have about 3 cms play left in it (this is to allow for some movement).

    Also worth mentioning is that nearly all chain-adjustment guide marks are inaccurate, so even if you do a perfect job, your back wheel could still be out-of-line :p
  4. Thanks people!

    Now I have something to try out at lunchtime (eating is just so passe)

    Let you know how I go :D
  5. Get a belt driven bike :twisted: :p

    (yes, I know in theory they need to be adjusted as well, but they seem to need it much less often, if ever, in practice)
  6. If you hear a scraping type noise, you have adjusted it too tight.
  7. 6) Spin the back wheel a few times and check you have no tight spots
    in the chain, this can happen from a chain being stretched.
  8. Progress report.

    It seems that the rapid loosening of the chain may have been due to one of the axle nuts being loose. Anyway, did the adjustment thing but ran out of lunch break before I could do a ride test.

    See how it goes tonight (hopefully smoother)
  9. Yeah I need help with chain adjustment. Bob did mine last time, but he's screwed on the bolt too tight, and I'm too weak to loosen it even though I tried WD40. Can somebody who's significantly stronger than me (yeah it means pretty much 99% of you guys) help me loosen the bolt? :D
  10. Um, thanks Vic

    I had already seen that article. My concern was that it had information about adjusting the chain without actually explaining how to adjust the chain.

    What I was really after was the kind of feedback that Coconuts And Novacoder gave me.

    :D :D :D
  11. as they say, "when in doubt, give it a clout"

    just get a hammer and tap the thing, it'll loosen up in no time. easy peasy lemon squeezy :D
  12. Thanks Coconuts, didn't think of using the hammer, will give it a try if it's not raining :?
  13. Also try standing on the spanner....it's not pretty but it's better than nothing!
  14. Then you should have said, "I've read that crap article and it's useless so I'm after some real advise"

    I can hear Jason cursing from here :)
  15. Yeah I already tried that Nova, but after a few "bounces" I had visions of me bouncing straight over the bike and onto the grass strip landing flat on my back (this is me remember :roll: ) :D
  16. mmmmmmmmmmmmm Mina flat on her back.........

    norti norti me :)
  17. Grrrr, I'm now well and truly offended by what you just wrote. For crying out loud...........

    Spell my name bloody right will ya Vic! :p :p :LOL:
  18. Your name is the last thought that had entered my mind :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:

    I think I'm very much dead
  19. Sorry to bump an old post peeps..but I will be adjusting my chain (sounds like a euphamism..sp??) this week.

    Would i need a torque wrench to loosen the 2 rear axle bolts??