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How to go riding when your in the office

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dan, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. One of my favourite sites.


    Footage of nice men travelling on roads on motorcycles having fun on their motorcycles. Needs broadband/abusable work connection. Free vids are great. You can sign up to download the 16:9 hi res videos too.

    Card-Carrying pro-speeders - check out this quote too:

    "For the third time in three years they have increased the speeding and traffic fines with 30%. This means that what was the world‘s highest fines already three years ago now has more than doubled. Anyone better? The latest news is that the Norwegian police reacts to the high traffic fines and threatens to do other police work instead of traffic controls."
  2. Interesting to see hiow that works out. Finland has a system whereby your fine is based on your ability to pay. A Nokia executive was fined over 80,000euro for a fairly average speeding offence.
  3. I prefer to think he got fined for riding a Harley.
  4. its looney isn't it... they actually mention on the site this:

    "a Finn received a fine of more than 110 000€ for driving with 75km/h in a 50-zone!"

  5. Dont encourage him Dan , he might actually do it if the money pool dries up . [-o<
  6. So unemployed people don't pay speeding fines????
  7. They would give up a percentage of their unemployment benefits i'd think.
  8. Only the deceased avoid speeding fines :shock:
  9. Riding at work?

    Doesn't everyone do this?