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How to go lowside like a noob...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by taymaishu, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. So apart from really getting into being on the bike and riding (now nearly 3000km in less than a couple of months!!), I've also taken to maintenance. Taking to maintenance pretty much cause a very-near lowside/highside on Sunday morning.

    Saturday night I decided to open the front sprocket cover and clean it out. My god, the gunk in there was foul. The previous owner didn't care much for the bike and I decided to really clean her up. WD40, degreaser, an old toothbrush, gloves, spray bottle of water, oil pan and 1.5 hours later she was very clean.

    Sunday morning rolls around and I get on the bike to head to Palm Beach for a coffee solo. Heading along Mona Road I turn left to go down McCarr's Ck Road (lovely bit of road and know it very well). Turning left off Mona Vale Rd, doing about 30km/h, the ass starts to slide right out. Immediately counter-steer to stop a huge lowside, rear tyre grabs traction again and I avoid the following rodeo highside.

    I pulled over right away and inspected the tyre. There's a slick around the left 1" edge of the tyre - it's WD-40. F***!!!

    I called a mate while I re-gathered my composure, and he shadowed me to Bunnings where I stocked up on degreaser. Completely degreased the bike (1.5 cans worth), and rinsed her off. 3 x around and she was pretty dry!

    I got some Bel-Ray Blu Tac lube as well as I was getting sick of flinging lube.

    Anyway, just wanted to write that up. How bike maintenance can bring you down pretty easily. I've got it all on video as well (thanks Aldi!). Pretty eventful first recorded ride.
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  2. Mate, I hope that's lesson learned and it won't recurr. But if it does just give me a call - my garage is just around the corner (closer & cheaper than Bunnings).
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  3. Ze vomble to ze rescue!
    It's not true what they say about you vomble
  4. Yikes fella, good job saving it.

  5. Thanks mate - that is a wonderful offer! Luckily Bunnings is only ~8 minutes from home so I wasn't too far and felt better with a shadow. Went the back way through Terrey Hills and then took it easy on Mona going back to St Ives.

    Definitely won't happen again. Stocked up massively on degreaser for whenever WD-40 goes near the bike (Cleaning the chain, for example!)
  6. Put a piece of cardboard behind the chain when you're cleaning or lubing it. That way the cardboard gets dirty leaving the tyres lube free.
  7. Glad you are ok, for the love of god don't use WD40. I hear of so many people using it and it will spray everywhere.

    Best chain lube I have used so far is the Motul Road Lube. Sprays on with a can and goes so tacky you can't wipe it off with a rag. A can of their degreaser is handy to have for cleaning the chain first and removing overspray.
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  8. Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the tips! Just as an FYI I was using WD40 to clean the chain (not to lube it). I'd sprat it onto a toothbrush, scrub clean, wipe with microfibre dry.

    I was using Castrol chain lube, but have now changed to Bel Ray Blu Tac.

    The issue happened as I failed to fully clean out the WD40 from the front sprocket assembly after cleaning it. It obviously got flung around the assembly at speed and onto my tyre.

    New chain and sprockets arriving today/tomorrow so looking forward to them. My chain has some nasty loose and tight spots - more than needs a change!!!

    I was actually pretty surprised that I managed to save the drop, both low and high. I think my body automatically corrected for what was happening - pretty good to know that i'm responding correctly to a possible drop situation!!
  9. I recommend kerosene for the chain and gunky area around the chain. If the bike is on stands, put it in gear and let the rear wheel roll to fling off excess kerosene. Let dry, you can use hair dryer to hasten the drying while at the same time keeping the chain warm. Lube chain and then clean any excess spray with some degreaser. Give the rear wheel a clean with some soapy water, try not to get it on the newly lubed chain and you're set.
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  10. Alex, just get a chain cleaner brush from supercheap for something like $10/12's, sod all that toothbrush caper!
    Stick your bike up on your new stand, spray your degreaser 'accurately' (i just white spirit), spin your wheel slowly. Job done.

    Toothbrush and an hour and a half?? Gotta be kidding mate. Aokman is right about Motul Road Lube. I lube 3 times, thoroughly clean, lube 3 times, thoroughly clean, etc.

  11. Hahaha cheers mate.

    The 1.5 hours was for the front sprocket assembly - picking out encrusted grim from the cover and around the sprocket - not 1.5 hours to clean the chain! Only takes me 10 mins to clean the chain.

    Will get a chain brush, now that you mention it!
  12. Can you get the video up?
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  13. Yeah will definitely try. My laptop at home is busted-ass, so will have to bring into work and upload.

    You can hear me swear through the helmet and the waterproof backing on the camera - it must have been a loud one :p
  14. I've only ever had 1 near high side. I was on a scooter. The rear tire slipped on a patch of oil or something. I saved it by jamming my foot into the ground. Then was riding the thing like a rodeo bull for 2 or 3 kicks as it leveled itself out. My leg had come over the seat on the first kick and was only hanging on with the hands. Definite grounds for some loud spontaneous swears.

    I tell you what, you're having an eventful first few months of riding.

  15. My high wasn't that bad, just kicked back pretty quickly but soft hands, i assume, saved it from wobbling out.

    Ah, it's all good - I think it's just how much i've plunged into it all - so many K's for just the first few months, i'm probably going to see more/experience more than the usual L plater!

    Just a learning process, too. I guess that's most of the reasons why I post this sort of stuff - help the next newbies to come along and also to seek the vets' feedback/advice!
  16. Yep that's what I do.

    Also I should add i suck at maintenance but I do this as a result of reading a chain clean/lube guide by someone here on netrider. Now I know what it's protecting me from :D
  17. If cleaning a chain and sprockets, use Kerosine.
  18. As above only use "chain clean" or kero to clean ya chain.

    Standard degreaser will eat your chains o-rings over extended use.

    Get set up rite with above suggestions ie cardboard to protect the tyre, grunge brush, cleaner, get comfortable and you'll be encouraged to do it more often.

    Glad your ok and here to tell the story.
  19. Turns out it was not lube or WD40.

    Before I left work tonight on my religious check, I noticed oil drops under the bike.

    A bit of cleaning and searching showed a nice crack in my stator cover, leaking oil.

    Must have happened when I put the sprocket cover back on.

    Seems a not so common problem on the 08+ ninja 250s. Time to search for parts! Hills Wreckers have a few ninjas in at the moment.