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How to go about test riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tmg, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. OK, I am severely lacking in attendence on these forums, but I have a question to ask.

    I got my unrestricted license about 2 months ago (estimate), and I wanna try and test ride the bikes I think I would like to own. Trouble is a lot of the bike shops don't want to know me as I don't have any work right now and no money saved.

    I have been told that I would have a better chance at getting a test ride if I had loan approval possibilities and more money in case I fell off and had to pay damages.

    I did get a test ride of a SV650, and that was awesome, and now I want to test ride a GSX-R600 to see if I like it, but Team Moto won't let me.
  2. Eyes left.

    Read the info in your profile under "motobikes" .

    Sometime just before then is when they will probably let you testride their bikes.

    Can you blame them?
  3. I know you've mentioned it, but having to pay if you drop a test bike is a pretty big consideration. There's a few bike shops on the Sunshine Coast - if you visit or maintain a regular attendance/ongoing relationship with one, great, if not, simply try another one. Remember they probably get a lot of folk in their stores wanting to test/tyre kick their merchandise, it's up to you to show you mean business - you may be a larger risk to them with no $ saved/no work at the mo' (the only way they'd find that out is if you told them?).

    Do any of the stores have upcoming promotions, or factory-sponsored test days happening soon?
  4. Jbot
    yeah, thanks....Can't blame them at all. guess I should start saving.

    Nah man I don't know when they're gonna have a promo day, what does that allow you to do? I might have saved a nice amount of money by then.

    And yeah, I've told them I am not working right now [smacks forehead] :furious:. I guess I am a bit too honest.

    I just need to get some consistant work and save hardcore and not thrash my car and waste fuel. But man I want so badly to get back on a motorbike again. The feeling is unsurpassed. :grin:
  5. Often when makers i.e. Suzuki, Honda, etc have in-store promos, they will bring in a few bikes for interested folk to test. Sometimes you have to pre-book or register your interest prior. Usually the shop and supplier are in a good mood and are after some sales. I went to a Honda one at Horizon in Tassie a few years back, you get to try a few different models out. Also read up and ask current owners (or search here to maybe get some answers) to get whatever info you can before you swing a leg over the saddle.
  6. Are there any friends or fellow riders that you know who have the model/s you are interested in ? If so, they might let you have a ride......

    If not, is there a place that hires the models ? that way (although still an outlay) tis a smaller amount and you get to test ride :smile:
  7. If you want to get test rides, sure, get a job, save some money, and don't tell the store your life story, but also. . .

    Find and buy a 250cc bike that will hold its resale value. i.e. A cheap one of known reputation. Then get some more practise! It sounds to me like you got your license some time back, but haven't actually been riding much since.

    Then, when you are ready, turn up at a bike shop on your bike, with all your gear on. (Yes, you need to buy gear.) The bike shop will then look on you much more kindly. Oh, and always visit the store and ask about the bikes you are interested in at least once before you turn up asking for a test ride. Make sure you are noticed in the store. Talk to the sales people for a while.

    I just bought a Ducati, but test road a few other bikes, and only had to show my license and "here are the keys sir". (Except for Ducati, They wanted a liability form signed.) Sure, I'm an old fart that looks like I have money, but it helps to rock up looking prepared and confident.

    Ride safe,
  8. At the moment I don't know anyone with a bike I want, and none of my mates will let me ride their bikes, as they go by the "never let anyone else ride it" mantra, which is understandable.

    I know that there is a few places that hire those 50cc scooters, but stuff getting one of them, I wouldn't go fast enough! (it's all about the speed isn't it :LOL:) But I can have a look in the phone book and on the net for places that would, and then I would only need to buy my gear and then hire the bike till I get enough money for my own. sounds like a plan...

    But yeah I will keep my trap shut from now on when it comes to them asking me what I am doing. Like I said, I reveal all, far too soon.
  9. yeah i agree with RoderickGI. when i bought my gs500 i rang and spoke with sales guy first and ask the typical questions, km, rego etc. it shows you may have some interest when you rock up and say hey i spoke to you a couple of days ago about the ........

    my first test ride i arrived had a chat with guy, had a look over the bike. the weather was unpredictable and it had previously been raining. i was on my L's but he still offered me a test ride (somewhat cautiously), all risk to me of cause. being a bigger bike than i was curently riding i came back later in the day when it was fine and sunny, he had no hestiation giving me a test ride then. it is a matter of knowing your limits on test riding a different bike and showing a great interest in actually buying it before hand
  10. There are a few places round that will hire bikes out for the day.
    Ranging from harleys through to a scooter is that's your thing.
    Might be a good place to start.

    If the bike store you have visited thus far won't let you test ride, take your business elsewhere.

    But, I have to say, if you are simply "testriding" and have no intention of buying in say.. the next fortnight or so, or unless you are mates with the saleman, chances are you only be "looking" at the bikes in most dealers I know.

    I'm sure you can understand why they would adopt this attitude.

    Rocking up on a bike can sometimes help...

    But nothing works like actually having the cash there ready to buy... You watch how fast they shove the keys in your hand then!
  11. :LOL: Yeah I can imagine how much the money can talk to a saleman Mario :LOL:

    You are right tho, I can't buy a bike in the next two weeks, but I am serious about getting one someday and really want to test ride a few just to see what they're like, but yeah, I might just get my gear and then try and hire a bike say, once a fortnight and go out with mates on a riding day on the weekends, just to gain some experience.

    Ferret man was that test ride when you couldn't afford to get a bike or did you have have the dosh? just wanted to know. but having money on your side is a good thing.

    I am really interested in getting a 600 GIXXER but I want to test ride it first, but it goes hand-in-hand with the "commited to buy" thing.

    I dunno, some dealers let you, others don't.
  12. When I ws shopping for 250s (before buying from the trading post) I usually just told them "I'm in the market" at the moment and that "I'm interested in this model, I've heard good things about them"
    Never seemed to be an issue. (As long as you appear to have the dosh, which I did)
  13. If you're not going to buy one for quite awhile then you might be better off waiting until 2007 and seeing what the manufacturers bring out then. The knew CBR600 will be coming out next year as well as perhaps the small revisions from the other manufacturers...
  14. I'd be wondering what's the point of test riding if you can't buy? If you're just joyriding, then you should be hiring bikes, I think.

    Still, I think a good way to get a test ride on a particular model is to call the shop and go with the line: "I'm going to be in your area on Wednesday, and I was wondering if you had a GSXR600 available for test riding?" Explain what you know about the bike, why you're keen on it and what else you've tried. Usually if you ask the right questions they'll be more than happy to let you go on an arranged test ride. This actually shows that you're interested, and you're not just walking off the street for a joy ride.
  15. yeah I think that I might just save up a deposit and get a personal loan from my bank and buy either an SV650 or a GSXR600, then I won't have to worry.

    thanks for your help people, it's pretty safe to assume that I won't be able to test ride any bikes till I'm in the green instead of the grey.
  16. Dont be so honest...sometimes its necessary to strech the truth a bit! :-$
  17. yeah, i had the dosh. i don't see the point of test riding a bike i can't afford. if i like it and i can't afford it - i would be p###!!

    but the sales guy never asked if i had the money anyway