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How to go about picking up a bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ceska, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Apart from experience, strength & ability to balance I'd like some perspective on any techniques or suggestions for picking up a fallen bike, as I've never been able to pick mine up without help :oops:
  2. "How to pick up a motorcycle" Google or Youtube. :cool:
  3. Are you a guy or a girl? How tall, how heavy?

    I'm a 180 cm, 100kg guy. When i droped it i just grabed it by the handle bars up it went, almost fell over the other side.
  4. PM Loz.
    He (with other netriders) held a workshop on this subject, and may have written a summary on his blog www.thebikergene.com
  5. How often do you drop your bike?
    You make it sound like a regular event!
  6. Gal, 5'2"

    Droped the bike 3 times in 2 mths - each situation taught me a lesson, yet it frustrates me. Seems to occur mostly on inclines or areas where footing is not gr8

    Thanks Joel will check it out
  7. Loz has a video about it on his blog.
  8. In short if its laying on its left hand side turn the bars to full right and lift.
    The first half of the lift is the hardest. Try not to flop it on the other side though :)
  9. Thanks - PM'd & will check out blog once I find the PC without browsing restrictions :mad:

    Chris - How funny, I actually started to do this today & figured I was getting somewhere, but a lovely lady in her car asked if I needed help, so altho surprised & embarrassed I was glad to accept her help.
  10. Maybe get some lessons, there must be a reason you keep dropping the thing. I know the VTR is a tuff bike but.........

    Maybe them to show you how to lift it properly while you are there.

    Best way is to face away from the bike and grab the bars with one hand and the seat with the other and lift with your knees.
  11. Also grabbing the front brake will make it less likely to slip. If you drop your bike frequently, it might be cheaper in the long run to get oggy knobs.
  12. :LOL:
  13. Ceska thanks for asking this question. :grin:
    Joel thanks for the link to the blog site. :grin:
    Loz thanks for the video - bloody brilliant! :grin: :grin:

    I have never needed to pick up a road bike on my own (elswhere in this site is my confession of a slow motion fall into a garden bed, with an audience) but I have often wondered about the most effective technique.
  14. I think the key is SHAME! I dropped my old bike in the middle of a busy road once (it was a GS500) and you wouldn't believe how quickly it went back up. I think I pushed up on the handlebars, I don't even remember struggling at the slightest. If you're having trouble with a VTR 250 - you could be pulling instead of pushing, it should be easy.

  15. The video's here:

    But I recommend you take the time to lay your bike over on some soft dirt and give it a few practices with somebody else around to help if necessary.

    Careful if you do finally heave it up that you don't push it too far over and have it fall over the other way!
  16. prithee, is there a video for picking up chicks too?
  17. There is, but this is a family forum, not a "how to make a family" forum.
  18. PM sent :p
  19. Thanks for the Video Loz, I wish I had watched it before I tried to pick up my FZ1 having dropped it at Gembrooke a few years ago.

    I tried the back to the bike method got the bike upright then proceeded to go over backwards with it, did my back and wrist.

    With two buggered legs now, I call the RACV and let them do it.

    Great and instructive video.