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N/A | National How to give riders a bad name

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Forget all the hooning stuff or loud pipes or all that trivia...

    I came across these clowns at Epping this morning; a learner on a Honda and a Hyosung Rider. Lots of parking spaces but they had to park here.

    I actually spoke to them - politely to start with. Both of them got a little aggro and couldn't see any problems with it. I did get somewhat annoyed with them.

    Then someone with a disabled sticker on his car pulled up and the hyosung rider (pictured) actually moved his bike. The other selfish a*hole didn't.

    Disabled spots are placed where they are so as to be (a) close to entrances and (b) wider than normal to make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

    Taking a disabled spot, especially for a bike in Victoria when there's lots of alternatives (and there were) is the one thing that is guaranteed to make people really hate you...


    I thought about fogging out the number plate - but stuff it! He deserves to be known.

    edit: If anyone knows them - let them know they're morons. I did (briefly) think about forwarding the picture to see if I could get them booked but decided not to - they'd only end up feeling like they'd been martyred.
  2. At first glance that guy might be justified in parking in a handicapped spot........
  3. Mentally handicapped doesn't count. If it did then I know a few riders who'd be eligible...

  4. Hahaha

    Epping Hungry Jacks I presume.

    Douchebags, the lot of them.
  5. I shared house with a Spina Bifida disabled friend for quite a few years. I got into more than a few "blues" with idiots parking in the disabled parking area... this one toorak tractor mum tried to argue that because she had a kid in tow she was effectively disabled :roll:
  6. Giving riders a bad name, I don't think so really. Morons living down to their standard definitely.
  7. More like idiots who just happen to ride bikes.

    There's certainly no shortage of them in this day and age.

    (Idiots, ie)
  8. Gold!!!

    Would of been fun to pull into their spot and SMIDSY them...

  9. Indeed.
  10. My wife has a disability thanks to polio, these wankers would scream the world down if their pinkie got a scratch on it I would think. I HATE wankers irrespective what they ride or drive when they blatanly take up these spaces. My two son 19 n 21 both know to NEVER be wankers like this. We have the sticker in the cage, and all our cars get the engineer [switch accelarator pedal routine] always costs around the 3 or 4 hundred smackers, no need for alarm, unscrew acc pedal and car cant be driven lol
    What these tosseres WILL realise, and it will be a while in the future unless they become bitmen filler[which I hope they wont] and that is WE ALL get older, our bodies will give up eventually and the pain it takes to step a couple of meters, I think we'll all feel. Helped an old guy out of his car last sunday, big boy too, reckon about 6' 3" at least I am 6' and looked up to him, and he had the weight too, his missus a tiny little thing, wonder if these guys would offer a lending hand in that situation?
  11. If I ever see a bike/bikes in a disabled spot I'm pushing em over.
  12. I've always been one to get upset about situations such as this but now that I'm currently entitled to use invalid parking (I does have my sticker) it does steam me to see ineligible persons parking in those spots.

    While I'm far far removed from what most people would regard as handicapped I do require the extra swinging room afforded by the these spots so that I can exit the car, more so some days than others, and to have jerks like those pictured unnecessarily occupy a spot takes me close to the point of contemplating giving their bikes a gentle nudge.
  13. that's pretty selfish, I agree, Tony, good work highlighting the problem....
  14. I agree it's bad form, but they're not giving riders a bad name, they're giving themselves a bad name. If a car/cager parked there that wouldn't give them all a bad name would it?
  15. **** em, send the image to the council. I don't consider myself a "dobber" but some people truly deserve it
  16. we are allowed to park on footpaths in VIC yet these idiots choose to park in the handicap zone. Some people are just born stupid.
  17. i have nothing nice to say so i can't say anything at all.
  18. X2 I reckon!
  19. the fatty above possibly suffers from low iq, small dick syndrome or just a severe case of incurable douchebagedness....

    thats why he's there.....and he's riding a piece of sh it
  20. What happens if this rider is a disabled person?