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How to get your child to win at sport

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Pink Angel, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/sport/content/200603/s1581970.htm

    Tennis dad accused of drugging rivals
    A father of two young French tennis players has gone on trial accused of drugging their opponents and inadvertently causing the death of one of his son's rivals.

    The case of Christophe Fauviau, 46, has raised questions about how far ambitious parents are ready to go to help their children reach the top in a fiercely competitive sport which can have huge financial rewards.

    Fauviau faces up to 20 years in jail if the court in the southwestern town of Mont de Marsan finds him guilty of "premeditated administration of a harmful substance that caused death without intention to do so".

    He is suspected of lacing players' drinks at matches with a drug which made them feel groggy.

    One of his alleged victims, 25-year-old Alexandre Lagardere, was killed in a car accident in July 2003 after falling asleep at the wheel.

    An autopsy found the school teacher had consumed Temesta, an anti-depressant he was not normally known to take.

    Fauviau, who admitted putting medicine into opponents' water bottles, directly addressed Lagardere's parents from the box: "I cannot imagine being responsible for the death of your son. I have three children myself and I can understand your pain. I never wanted something like that to happen.

    "I would hope that one day you would pardon me if I am found responsible for the death of your son."

    Police have questioned 27 opponents suspected of having been drugged before Fauviau's arrest in August 2003.

    Fauviau was caught off guard when an opponent said he saw him fiddling with his water bottle when he faced his son, Maxime Fauviau, in the semi-final of a tournament near Mont de Marsan in June 2003.

    The rival later submitted the water for tests and said he also saw Fauviau near water bottles before the final. The finalist facing Maxime Fauviau fell ill and was taken to a hospital.

    "Putting tablets into someone's bottles, I can't explain it. Every match which my children took part in meant terrible anguish," Fauviau said.

    There is no indication that Maxime Fauviau, then 16, and his sister Valentine, who at the time was 13, were aware of their father's actions.


    ***I just cannot believe what lengths people will go to. What is the world coming to?*** :furious:
  2. This crackpot should be shot on sight out of principle.
  3. That's just taking it too far. He wasn't even dating them!
  4. hahah classic
    tennis dating has taken new way of scoring

    15/ dead
    hahahaaaa :LOL: :LOL:

    mental note
    do not let kids play tennis allow only motor sports ........ as there is a crew to back them up hehe
  5. OMG.. It's only a game for crying out loud..

    Gee some people take it too far
  6. Yes they were all un-seeded players. :shock: