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How to get your bike RE license - QLD???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by timtom, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I've had an open car license for more than 5 years. I just want to get my RE license...so I can get a 125cc Madass...please can someone tell me for sure what is involved? (The qld gov websote has well... nothing!!)
    1 guy told me that to get your learners, you only have to answer 6 questions and thats it??
    How long can I ride on my learners for?

    Many thanks in advance
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  3. Once you have the L's I think they expire at 12 months.
    Be aware that on L's (and now you have to display an L plate) you need to be supervised while riding at all times by a licensed rider, that doesn't mean pillion.

    When you do the Qride test, given you have had a car license for >3 years, you can choose to do it in one of two ways:

    1) Ride a bike/scooter with capacity<250cc - This will give you RE license
    2) Ride a bike with capacity >250cc this will alow you a full unrestricted license

    The testing procedure, and criteria are the same for both options, you will have to demonstrate the same skills, the only difference is one bike is above 250cc capacity.

    Given you have had the car license for >3 years and are eligible for an unrestricted license, it would make sense to do the Qride test on a bike >250cc so that if you ever want bigger bike later on, you will already have the license.

    When I got my license, I had NSW L's and didn't want to wait for P's ets before I got a full license, so I flew to QLD changed my NSW L's for QLD L's and 2 days later went and did the Qride test on a CB400. Upon passing, I got an unrestricted QLD riders license, then flew home and changed it back to NSW.
  4. Damn Tweet!

    I work travel around interstate doing short term jobs.

    I asked qld transport and Vic Roads this a few years ago and was told that when I transfered a q-ride lic back to Vic they would carry over a restriction of 12 months less how long I has held a q-ride licence.
    English = I would still have restrictions for 12 months!

    Should of put a NSW address on my application.

  5. Thanks very much for the info guys....I now know the facts...
  6. Hey guys,
    Im from nsw currently have my red p's, is it possible if could go down to qld and get the full license or get a bigger cc bike??? Im getting my full license for car within a year. Would i be able to get a bigger bike if i go to qld and transfet my nsw license???
    Thanks guys
    regards zacky
  7. Queensland you have to have RE for 12 months before you can get unrestricted. No more going to Q-Ride and going straight to R class.
  8. We changed it last year. It use to be that you could go strait to opens if you had held another license for at least two years.
    To get a license in QLD you will need a billing address there. You can go strait to the RTA, get your L's and then go to Qride. I Know I have done the Q ride course well over two thousands times. But honestly it is so basic. It really is. And if you cant pass then you do need more training.
    So much better to hurt their bike on their insurance and hurt yourself on their insurance.

    Qld is up from NSW by the way.
  9. Qride is pretty straight forward. Having never ridden any bike ever, it took me two days but never felt like I wouldn't get it (except when I could get hillstarts right LOL). The second day I was in a group of eight and two of the guys were told after a couple of hours that they had to do another day of training at least (one of them had already done one day) - they didn't drop the bike or anything, just lacked control on the figure eights and generally looked nervous on the bike.

    I know a couple of guys who were on a Qride that passed a dude that was constantly looking at his feet when changing gear out on the road and stalled it repeatedly...so I guess it depends somewhat on the assessor on the day!
  10. Sounds like my QRide experience. A person going for their RE licence dropped their bike 4 times across the 2 day course and passed with no second thoughts from the instructor...
  11. i was lucky.. i was on my Ps in NSW and i moved to QLD 3 yrs ago.. i went to change my licence and she said they dont have Ps in QLD yet so i have to go back on Ls.. well after a little scene she gave me my blacks... so i had 1 yr on Ls and 2 months on Ps.. now on blacks MAWWHHHHHHHHH