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How to get the front wheel off...?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Pommy, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I need to fit 2 new discs on the front of my GPZ600R - what's the best/easiest way to jack the front?


  2. well first of all you've got to ply it with a few drinks, then turn down the lights, then .
    I don't have a front stand, so I use a small hydraulic bottle jack and a couple of those adjustable car stands.
  3. Hmm.. that's one way to do it I suppose - I think the drinks option will work better though!

    Any other hot tips before I drop my bike?


  4. Thank God, I thought this was another "Wheelie" thread :LOL:.
  5. HA HA...!

    C'mon Hornet - how do YOU do it?

    Flowers and chocolate?


  6. Put a bit of wood under the sidestand. Put a car jack under the pipes as close as you can get to the front. Put a magazine or a bit of wood between the jack and the pipes. Then jack the bike up, it will sit between the jack, the sidestand and the back wheel and it'll be quite stable.

    Oh, and make sure you undo the axle bolt before you jack it up.
  7. Sounds good Loz - thanks!

    I'll have to take the bloody fairing off again though to get at the pipes - arrrgh!


  8. :rofl: :rofl:

    That was quick Paul ! :wink:
  9. Tie down ratchets connected to the roof.
    Disclaimer- Your roof must be solid, and your bike must not weight too much. :LOL: :LOL:

    Whenever i need to lift my bike i use stand but then also use tiedowns to the roof to secure it, Had a bad accident with stands once.
  10. this is one aspect I miss of the old Laverda. It naturally sat just on rear wheel when on the centre stand. So all you had to do was jack which ever end you needed (for safety) and the rest sorted itself out.
  11. This could be the stupidest thing anyone has ever typed - but...


    I loosened the pinch bolt and then the big hex nut just spins around???

    I need help with this please soon as possible.

    Found this and it's none of the set-up's shown!

    Anyone who's had a bike should know this right?


  12. Do up the pinch bolts again, then loosen the big hex nut, then loosen the pinch bolts. Remove the big nut, pull the spindle out and the wheel should come free.

    WARNING: First check that the wheel will come out without removing one or both of the brake calipers.
  13. Hi,

    BOTH sides are hex nuts...??

    UPDATE - I got it - thanks..

    Both sides are hex and look identical, only one of them is a cap which screws off the end of the axle.

    Thanks for your help!