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how to get rid of unused bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by feriant, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. hi guys,

    I'm looking for the best possible way to get rid of my Suzuki across 96.
    It currently sitting idle for the last 2 years, i would say it will need a brand new battery to get it fire up.

    It has some cosmetic scratches but still in one complete piece, i would like to find out if anyone interested or know someone that would be interested to either salvage it or restore it for small cost.

    Bike is located at Northcote Vic 3070, or is there a service to tow a bike away for wreck? (like car wreck thing?)
    I would rather it go to good home than sitting do nothing.

    Much appreciated guys!
  2. Ebay that bad boy with a $1 reserve. I bet you will be surprised about how much it's worth if you give it a wash and take good, high res pics!

  3. Either try to put on ebay with no reserve or on the forums for bugger all.

    If you want to take to a scrapping yard through in the back of a trailer and take it there.
    I took a car to one once they just weighed it and paid about $1 per 10 kg.

    There are services to tow bikes but if you have a towball cheapest way is to rent a trailer from a friend beer is cheap.

    If I was in vic I might be interested as I hope to get the missus a bike and a project would be nice :p
  4. as matter of fact i forgot to mentioned i bought it off ebay too!!
    prolly not a bad idea to put it back into it! LOL
  5. ROFL! good one!
  6. Subtle there bonk.

    I thought pushing off a moving trailor was the prefered method
  7. Are you kidding??!?
    That doesn't guarantee a write-off!

    You have much to learn about insurance fraud, my young apprentice.

    You may leave the temple when you can crack a frame-weld on a ZZR250 with a phillips head screwdriver and a baked potato.
  8. i hope nobody working as underwriter saw this conversation ;)
  9. I might be interested in collecting it from you.
  10. i'll give you $300, and collect it
  11. Ok ok I see how Robin's playing this game. I'll give you $301, collect it and post up how completely awesome you are.

    Actually, let Robin have it.... I cannot splash cash right now.
  12. I thought you only liked crashing vtrs
  13. i've got enough parts to re-birth it into a VTR, then i can crash it :cool:
  14. Some very "creative" photography helps no matter what the bike is.. :grin: :grin:

  15. wheres the bike?? dont see 1 :grin:
  16. I know someone that might give you a few hundred for it, if he's interested I'll PM you
  17. nevermind
  18. i'm getting pics up and i'll send to those who PM me.
  19. you're not mentioning a price anywhere? unless you give me an idea, the $300 offer still stands. throw in a bottle too!