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How to Get Noticed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. From MCC NSW:


    Everyone needs to see this :grin:

    Comments anyone....

    Make sure you let your non-riding mates see this.
  2. Wish women would ride like that more often :grin:
  3. love it :grin:
  4. Clever idea & concept however I would have liked if you could hear the bikes rumble and accelerate over that awful fruity p0rn like music to also remind viewers that if you are distracted looking at something else, if you can HEAR it then you CAN also LOOK for it.

    Dont think too many people from nudist colonies would notice anything apart from the helmets tho :LOL:
  5. So... what next? I take it this is just a preview; are they going to get them on TV or something?
  6. :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
    Thats great, although I wonder where he keeps his highway pass :LOL:
  7. They are nice and polite and totaly ignorable...
    I think the TAC ones of changeing places or the van that makes the lane change cutting off the rider are much more effective...

    I mean the one where the van cuts off the rider almost made my puke when I first saw it and watched him go under the car. That is the only way to get people to pay attention now days.
  8. Yeah i thought they were good, but i still think shocking people is the best form. I thought of one idea already...

    I think it would work....
  9. Yeh except it wouldn't be 20 years - maybe 1 year suspended sentence. No prior record, good behaviour and all that.
  10. *sigh* :(
    well i think the point is still there :roll: - just skip the 2nd scene then....
  11. And if the goal is to use them on TV, then that's just what they should be. People don't watch TV to be shaken out of their complacency, or god forbid, to think. If something makes them unconfortable, they just turn away. And even if that's not 100% true in general, it most certainly is true during the commercial breaks... and fair enough!
  12. CB250goespop - look at those Anti-smoking ads on tv - apparently they have decreased the number of smokers.... They shock you AND they are effective.

    got this from smh
  13. Not quite; according to your link, they increased a number of calls to Quitline... that's not quite the same thing :) Also, the positive comment you quote comes from the creator of the ad - earlier on in the same article other people express similar opinion to mine, saying
    The latest anti-smoking TV ad is "so shocking that it makes it impossible to get involved with the message"

    So in the end, we can believe what we chose to believe... I remain unconvinced because I know last thing I want during commercial break is to be challenged, and I reckon I'm pretty average. Then again, I mostly time shift and fast-forward through commercial breaks anyway, so what do I know?
  14. Cute, amusing, but I dont think its going to get the real message across, any one remember that UK ad, where the motorcyclist t-bones that car at the intersection? check out youtube or google video, thats the sort of video that will get your attention.
  15. with the current competition to see who can make the most entertaining commecial on TV going on at the moment, i think you'l find adds like these will probably be effective.

    at the end of the day, get the message out there.. if it saves 1 rider its been an effective campaign IMO.
  16. Yeah i see your point of view
    I spose we will see if the advert has any effect.

    Speaking of that - I hear motorcycle awareness week is coming up.
  17. Campaigns are all well and good however only "work" on a small majority..

    Before i started riding, i for one will admit that i was very unaware to motorcyclists etc. Its only when i started riding that i noticed so many around! My family now notice so many because i ride.

    The education needs to start with family, friends & collegues etc...

    SOmething along the lines of "You many not notice them [bikers], but they're everywhere, all around you. They could be your cousins you hardly see, your collegues, your neighbour?"
    "All it takes for one to die or be seriously injured, is a small turn of the steering wheel without a head check"

    I for one always tell my family and mates to watch out for bikes ALL THE TIME... They tell me how dangerous it is but i make sure they're aware that its mostly because of "them" that its dangerous...

    The same thing, they all now tell me how many bike sthey see on the roads....

    Im telling you, education is the key!
  18. Ride a ZX12R.. :twisted:
  19. While I think the shocking RTA ads work (on me anyway hehe), my dad feels sick every time they're on, and he quicky turns away or changes channel if possible, and he's not the only one i know that does that. Maybe this way people will actually stick with it to the end and get the message? That's of course, until they're back in their cars and in their auto pilot mode...
  20. The ads will work on everybody, if we actually rode around naked.
    Motorcycle awareness week coming up.......

    Well, the weathers turning nicer. What do we think?