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How to get into the motorcycle sales industry??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Devilish, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. I am looking at changing careers and want to get into motorcycle sales. It's something I have wanted to do for a long time now.

    I have a customer service/security/hospitality background of over 5 years.

    I have applied to all major motorcycle retailers that I know of, looked in yellow pages etc.

    Has anybody got any idea's?

  2. Sorry, the fact that you're posting on here suggests that you can tell one end of a bike from the other nine times out of ten. You're disqualified :p .
  3. disqualified? or OVER qualified?? haha
  4. haha lol yeah sales staff are stupid,
  5. rightio... all the ones I have dealt with have been pretty good... but like everything there are some indifferent ones out there....

    Hopefully I'll be a good one! :)
  6. perhaps your resume needs more work to make you more appealing to be hired.

    Persistence is often a key =D
  7. what do you mean by 'resume needs more work' ?? As in make it look pretty? or work more jobs before going for this sort of position?
  8. 1) Go to dealership in person.
    2) Ask who the owner or manager is who looks after hiring new staff.
    3) Introduce yourself to them, and say you'd like to make a successful career out of selling motorcycles.
    4) Ask if there are any jobs going.
    5) Give them your CV/resume.
  9. Probably means more motorcycle related jobs..

    As others have said, keep at it.
  10. If you Buy a brand new motorcycle, you will be more qualified than most dealership sales people straight off the bat :LOL:
  11. I have had 2 brand new motorbikes so far :) and one second hand one....
  12. Keep trying with the dealers and so on, but you will need sales experience to convince anyone to hire you.

    Selling is a totally different universe to anything you have ever imagined. It takes time and commitment to switch universes. That is why many successful sales reps know very little about the product they are selling, and many knowledgeable people are really unsuccessful at selling. What the good ones know about is selling.

    It's often worse in Motorcycle dealers, because you might be the only rep there, so there is no back up, and no one to learn from. You need to be an independent, self motivated, even driven person, and you need to be able to prove it.

    So, go out and get some sales jobs. Harvey Norman, Retravision, The Good Guys, etc. Sell high value non-essential products, like big TVs, Home Theatres, and such.

    You'll also have to learn to be driven by sales numbers: Revenue and Profit. You may have to learn a few tricks about Revenue Recognition along the way.

    Also get yourself some sales training, either in those jobs, or off your own bat in night courses. There will be heaps to learn.

    Oh, selling Life Insurance is a great way to learn how to sell as well. :twisted:
  13. Gee, everyone is so down on salespeople here. I haven't met
    many that are that dumb, mostly they're great, but then
    again I usually buy used bikes privately, not new or used through
    a shop, so I haven't met a million salespeople.

    I would agree, definitely introduce yourself to the manager so
    he/she can get to know your people skills etc. You might consider
    proving yourself in an accessory sales role, or a mixed bikesales/accessorysales role, so the boss gets to know you and
    your attitude and abilities before putting you in the critical high-stress
    role of bike sales.
  14. Keep and eye out on Seek.com.au as well as the dealers's websites. Peter Stevens for example advertises vacancies on their own website, I'm sure other dealers do the same.

    If you're out of luck at the moment I'd try getting some general retail experience preferably in a related area as retail experience + interest in motorcycles is a logical step.

    Also check out the Employement area of the forum. Check out what's there and put up a "Job Wanted" thread.

    You sound keen enough, so you should have a fair crack. :)
  15. there's an employment area of this forum???

    I missed that completely!

    I hit seek.com.au
    careerone.com.au quite regularly look for jobs...
  16. As a customer I need to see several things in a sales person.

    1. Product Knowledge;
    2. Product Knowledge;
    3. Product Knowledge;
    4. Product Knowledge;
    5. Product Knowledge......................

    And the ability to close the deal.
  17. As a customer I don't care about your product knowledge. If I am interested I can hit a website and find out what I want. Come to places like NetRider and get different reviews.

    As a customer, I want you to be interested in me. I want you to listen. I want you to have enough emotional intelligence to engage me.
    Most importantly, I want you to look after me. Once the deal is done, I want you to still care. If I come back a week later with a loose nut, I want you to be concerned and do all you can to get it fixed.

    Basically I want you to care about me and what I want more than you care about your commission. If you care about me, you will get your commission.

    That raises another issue. Pro Pilot and I want completely different things. And we are both right!!

    I humbly suggest you will need a bit of both. I suspect people will forgive if you don't have the product knowledge. They wont forgive if you don't care about them.

    Thus endeth the lesson!!

  18. Sales is great, I have been in it for over 20 years now and it has been tough and rewarding. The single thing that all sales managers look for is "attitude". That is a good one, we want people who will seek us out not ones we have to find.

    I thinkt he best advice is if you cant get a job at a bike shop try a crazy johns or similair kind of place and get your sales experience up.

    On the resume side, make it simple and put a cover letter in why you would be good at the job without sounding arrogant.

    Product Knowledge is second to passion, if you are passionate the rest comes easy.

    sales is hard but fun!
  19. product knowledge is something i can get very easily.. if I read info on a certain model, it stays with me for life, remembering product specs is easy when i like the product.

    I love motorcycles.

    Customer care is what I have been trained to do. I have come from a 5 star hotel background, so going that extra mile for the customer is second nature to me.

    I am a very caring person so looking after someone comes easy aswell.

    Every time I have come into contact with a sales rep, there is usually very little that he can tell me that I don't already know about the product, mainly because I am the type of person who does their research first.

    So if I get into a sales position, the only thing I will need training on is basically the business side to the deal. Handling the customer won't be a problem.

    The hardest thing would be to read the person while your talking to them. Trying to find out exactly what they want from you and give it to them first time.

    I don't want to be one of those arrogant SOB's who couldn't give a shyte about you once they have your money. Frankly the commision scheme is only a bonus. If the job was just a plain salary job, I'd still work as hard.
  20. To be a car or bike salesman all you need to do is this .

    Get the customer to your desk fast .......time is money .

    And then ask these questions.. .

    #1 do you have a trade and what do you want for it.?
    {then you say ....that bikes didn't sell well ,or we got to many of them and offer $4000 less then what its worth}

    #2 ,do you need finance and insurance and accessories?? we can beat the banks with our in house finance.

    #3 ,So what can I do to sell you this bike today?
    {Once they make an offer ,go to the head salesmans office and wave your arms around in the air ,this makes the buyer think your doing your best to make the boss drop the price}.

    #4 Then say ,sorry..... the boss said the price on the bike ,is the price.

    #5 .. then say .....So when do you want to pick it up.

    That's it ,remember that and your ready for the sales floor .
    Good luck with it. :)