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How to get home on ur first bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Im about to get my first bike and I just cant stop thinking about how to get it home from where I get my bike. At the moment Im just after some advice on what to do. I only have only abt 2 days experince on a bike from the L's that I'd done and almost no road experince. I driven around in the cage and also not here either I only drove in thailand(trafic).

    Can any1 help me out here?

  2. Get a mate to ride it or trailer it to your home/quiet suburb and then learn to ride there.
  3. what suburb are you picking the bike up from ?

    if its only a 30 min drive, it'll be no more than $60 to get it towed by a towing company. I paid $90 to get my car from where it was to 50km.
  4. I just bought my first road bike yesterday .. all I did was make sure I included delivery to my place in the deal .. was easy, and cost me no more ( was a private sale, not from a bike shop) and the guy was more than happy to drop it off at my place ..

    Cya on the road :)
  5. ride safely on off peak like afternoon, pick slow road, and put the L on.
  6. What Tim said Sweeris, I'm sure they wouldn't mind delivering for you be it a dealer or private sale. :)
  7. If you have no other alternative but to ride it home, get a friend to sit behind you in a cage.

    When I first picked up my bike I had less than 5 minutes of road experience, but stayed around the local area practising for about 2 hours (the bike is very fiddly and there are little tricks to keep it from stalling/flooding all the time so most of the time was to get used to it).

    After that I felt comfortable enough I rode it home, while my gf was sitting behind me in her car. :)

    So practise around the area first (if it's nice and quiet), then ride it home when your feeling comfortable.
  8. Do what I did. I had no road experience at all, picked mid afternoon and rode the thing home. Was one hell of a learning experience.

    Where are you getting the bike from and when?? Could get another rider to follow you home to give you some protection and pointers.
  9. Exact same with me, 2pm on a saturday I got my bike, rode from ringwood. I was a little naughty and had my Ls the next week but I found a bike from general looking that I HAD TO HAVE. I did used to ride a lot in my teenage years with dirt bikes in paddocks and the like and had a few small road riding as a kid on my cousins bike under STRICT supervision instruction but I hadn't touched a bike for almost 15 years when I decided to finally get my road licence and stuff. I found it easy as pie to ride in traffic but my situation may be nothing like yours and it can be downright nerve racking/scary. Either trailer it, ride in local small roads about your area and/or carparks/driveway to start or get someone to follow you 'as a shield' and be there for you.

    Best of luck with whatever action you choose!
  10. As Sweeris has still not replied to any of you all we can go by is the location being
    Bundoora,Melbourne area
  11. dont ride it home unless you have all your gear yet.

    If you have noone to ride it, and your the trusting type, maybe someone here would ride it for you..

    Otherwise get it transported, its relatively cheap.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I have a few people who offered me to ride my bike home for me so I think I should b fine.
  13. Throw delivery into the deal dude.
  14. If I get a bike from Sydney then Im gonna have to look into delivery too.... or get a mate to ride it!
  15. when i first got my license i lived in gosford. first bike and road experience was - bought the bike from bikebiz parramatta. road it home. the city was ahrd. jsut stayed in my lane and flowed with it. the freeway was great.

    no better time to start than when you pay ya cash guys!
  16. I had mine delivered, was like $40 or something.
  17. Yeah might ride it home, all depends on what time of the day I do it really. Freeway on my first day might be a bit dangerous, especially sitting at 80! And old pac doesnt seem any safer ;)
  18. i'll pick it up for ya :LOL:

    what kind of bike you thinking about getting?
  19. Rode it home...
    with no road experience...
    in the p!ssing rain...
    with no proper gear...
    in the dark...
    in peak hour traffic...
    .... wouldn't recommend it :p
  20. I had a chuckle when I read that predicament - how familiar is it to us new riders.
    I say, don't risk getting into a mess on your first ride. You might put yourself off for good. Get a rider friend to get it home for you, or organise delivery.
    Then do quiet, safe practice a bit at a time, which is what I'm currently doing.
    I have to say, I'm surprised at some of the problems I'm having, when I sort of thought I'd be out and about in a couple of hours. I now realise I have to give myself a bit more time.

    And quite frankly, doing 80k is not the problem - it's doing 8k that's the killer!

    Good luck, don't rush yourself.