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How to get free bike parking at the GP

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by moike, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Make sure your bike breaks down just before the point where they collect the money.

    If anyone noticed the rather forlorne looking R100RS parked up next to the barriers at the bike park entrance. That was me.

    The queue to get in was so long and so slow that my bike overheated, and started to make some really uncomfortable noises in the right cylinder ("rattle rattle, chuff chuff"). Sounds like a valve or valve seat has decided to stop holding on.

    RACV were excellent. They had a van on site just in case. When I got to speak to the driver, he just drove down the gravel road beside the bike park until I saw him and told him to stop. I had envisaged piss-farting around for ages organising for the bike to be carted, but the RACV bloke just had a good look at the bike, and discussed tie-down points (I have a little too much experience there) while I unlocked the panniers and snipped the hidden earth wire to the alarm. I went in and watched the races while RACV took care of everything. They offered to organise transport home, but Dave Milligan of Get Routed lives close to me and offered a seat in his van. Thanks Dave. (Apart from organising most tempting ride-your-own-bike tours to NZ and the Manx TT, Dave also supplied copious quantities of quite drinkable Manx beer for the BBQ on Saturday night.)

    Thanks to all those who offered help with transport, cartage or sympathy.

    Still, it was a good weekend. Good company, great ride to the Grand Ridge on Saturday, good racing, and the chance to relax in the back of the van and look at all the bikes on the trip back from PI!
  2. I was going to suggest not bathing for a few days beforehand, but your method was obviously much more cunning and successful than that! Good to hear it had a happy ending, Mike.
  3. A few years ago a mate dared me to put my 400/4 in the show-and-shine. For some reason, Shannon's fell for it and I suddenly had free secure parking inside the gates. I overheard a young bloke saying "look at that piece of sh1t", while a couple of older blokes rabbited on about the 400/4s they'd owned. The best line (and the one I've heard most often) was "Wow - 400/4! They were a great girl's bike!"

    I ended up with a pit-walk pass, a limited edition show-and-shine exhibitors hat, a chance at a lap of the track (I lost on a points decision), a bag of stickers and badges and a free feed. And priority exit from the track at the end of the day.

    Not bad for filling out a form and telling the sweet young thing on the counter that 400/4s were historically significant.
  4. Brian - what say we put a couple of R65LS's in next year. :roll: :LOL: :wink:

    Limited edition historically significant BMWs - sounds like a good idea :LOL:

    Anything for a free feed :roll: :LOL:


  5. I am guilty of the same!! This year, if anyone looked at the show'n'shine, they would have noticed a very stock...damned clean, but stock none the less... yellow and black TLR sitting amongst the entrants. :D
    Hee Hee
    Got a free 3-day pass, free and safe parking inside the grounds and nice bitumen road to exit on. Also got the bag of goodies including t-shirt, hat, badge and programme... What a laugh! :LOL:
  6. Good to hear you got home OK.

    What RACV care have you got? My free BMW Roadside assistance is about to expire so better get some form of support for Tasmania.
  7. With or without the sidecar???
  8. I have total care. That's the one that covers a nominate driver (Me) in any car or on any bike, and a nominated vehicle (The 'family' car) with any driver. It's a get your vehcle fixed or home from anywhere, with hire car and accommodation, taxis, etc anywhere in the country.

    The motorcycle policy, even the higher on (options) only gives the same coverage if you take out the optional touring option, which extends your coverage to australia wide, but only fro three months.

    Total Care is about $1 more than motorcycle care with a single three-month touring option.

    Where a couple has one vehicle they both use (like our car), and another that is only driven by one (like my bike) Total Care is ideal. When I changed over last year, RACV were happy to credit what I'd already paid for bike cover (including a used-up touring option) to Total Care cover, so the changeover mid-term only took a phone call.

    They won't do much to fix a bike, but they will take it somewhere to get it fixed, or take it home for you.
  9. I tip my hat to you, you sly dog. If I don't crash the viffer the day before my holidays again I'll be putting my "show bike" up as a prime example of Late 90's Premier Class Sports Tourer, or whatever wank I can get away with ;).
  10. Who owned that 1100cc Suzuki "strech limo" monster??

    Reminded me of "The Goodies".....