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How to Get Cars Off Your Arse (ass is a donkey)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mugen86, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. If there is an annoying commodore tailgating you, I have found the best solution to lose them so you don't have to worry about them coming/staying too close.

    When coming to a yellow light, assuming its safe to cross, put some pressure on the back brake so the brake lights come on to let the driver behind you think you are going to stop, then accelerate :D. They will be left behind at the lights and you won't :D. Works every time.
  2. Like the idea, but of course you need the right circumstances to make it work.

    Tailgaters annoy the tits off me - how does everyone else get rid of them?
  3. If you had a propper bike you wouldnt need to do any of that :eek:
    Screaming through lights when you could have stopped is inviting trouble on a bike unless you're young and invincible like yourself.

    Why dont you stop and f^@k off when the lights go green?

    Edit: Actually smee summed it up :wink:
  4. I love it when the young folk work out for themselves, something the older generation have known for decades. Maybe there's hope for them yet... :wink:
  5. Because I drive a 250 and I don't want to have to redline it too often.

    I think its probably safer to cross a yellow than to have a large car follow you through it.
  6. Yes because red lights create an invisible forcefield that prevents cars from driving through them :roll:.
  7. u must not love ur bike if u dont redline a cbr250 too often

    "life begins at 18,000 rpm"
  8. ^you have 3 bikes listed under "the scrap yard" :LOL:

    I redline it every once in a while, not at every traffic light.
    If you were in a car and you saw a bike braking in front of you, would you slow down and then accelerate to run a red because the bike is blowing smoke in your face?

    Red lights do tend to make drivers stop.
  9. I just come to a very wobbly stop, look like you might actually fall off, it is amazing how much room the car behind suddenly gives you. ;)
  10. [-X Mate, that's true of 90% of drivers, it's the other 10% that'll take you out.
    Yellow light >> be very cautious
  11. If I was the sort of d*&khead driver that tailgates other vehicles then yeah I probably would.
    And I still want to know where you find these red lights that make people magically stop. I've had lights change to red as I've gone through an intersection but still had up to 3 or 4 cars follow me through on many occasions.
    Just look at how much money redlight cameras rake in each year - those cameras are usually pretty obvious yet even the certainty of a fine still isn't enough to discourage many drivers.
  12. the go grip is the one on the right try using it :roll:, that should see any tailgater disappear quickly enough
  13. ride :p :bolt:
  14. Ok then,

    What about the guy in the car coming the opposite way, waiting to turn infront of you before the lights turn red. Whilst your concentrating on being a smart ARSE towards the driver behind you, he pulls out and turns across your lane. You floor it to lose the tailgater and......well, lets just say your not here to post anymore stupid threads. :roll:

    You wanna know a better way to lose a tailgater? Change lanes.
  15. Wha!!...Ok...so far you've made it...but there are much better ways.
    I sure would'nt advocate it as a good solution to the problem though.
    Get it all wrong and you'll be in a world of hurt, mate.
  16. Where possible, we just give a hand signal to car behind to back it off, the old 'slow it down' wave.. Works for most 'normal' people, but if there is a knob-end tailing you there is not too much that will slow them.

    If forementioned knob-end sees you braking at lights though and wants to get around you whether you are braking or not, i can see them trying to overtake you in your lane.
  17. When I say " assuming its safe to cross", I mean taking all into consideration. If I saw a car half way down the lane waiting to turn, I would probably stop. And on small roads like the one you have just described, where there are no turning lanes/lights, there would be no lanes to change into.
  18. Or on a single lane road pull over to the side and let them pass.
    If they want to go faster than you let them, playing games with them doesn't work when you're on a bike - it's like climbing into a tiger cage and poking it in the nose with a pointy stick.
  19. pull over to the side ???1/! :? Have you seriously done this before?