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How to get bike home with a broken throttle cable?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by patrickp, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. wasn't sure if this is the right place or workshop so here goes
    hey there im a student on my ls and I snapped a throttle cable in waterloo and need to get the bike home to st peters till i have money for the fix, am wondering if anyones around the area and willing to help me do it for a case or other form of payment as its 150 for the afterhours guys to take it all of 3 kms
    help and advice appreciated in advanced

  2. I'd roll it if I were you. It'd be a pain but you would get it there in less than an hour.
    I live in the area but unfortunately wont be around to give a hand.
  3. push it mate 3ks is not that far
  4. then you can drink the slab by your self
  5. Can you get done for dui while pushing a bike?
  6. if you have the key in it
    drink the slab after
  7. i recon it would take an hour
    hey op set your stopwatch and report back when you get there
    whoever is closest to the time can have the slab
  8. I have local knowledge. The hill up next to Sydney Park is going to feel like the OP is building the pyramids.

    1:10 is my bet.
  9. police wont hassle me or do i have to push it on the sidepath?
    am willing to have a crack so long as my back doesnt, and that bloody hills been haunting my dreams for sure
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  10. You should be fine with the popo. keep it on the footpath on the uphill bit. Going down from the grounds you could probably ride it, there's a bit of a slope and the roads wide. But put your lid on.

    Then there is crossing that round about. I want a detailed ride report!
  11. i predict terror. anyone sees a sad sap and blue cbrr in that area this arvo please feel free to pull over and laugh........
    incidentaly how hard is it to swap a cable? pull the tank off and its there or do i have to take the carbs off? basically can i roadside bodge it or advise against?
  12. 9318 0008 You could call beconfield motorcycle supermarket. They are cheap and a much closer walk.
  13. Turn the idle up a bit and see if u can ride it home on idle ?
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  14. too new to sydney traffic to want to try it
  15. Does the bike roll in first, enough to make the pushing part easier ?

    Feathering the clutch.. i do it on my CB400 , it rolls along in first just using the clutch to slow down or regain momentum..
  16. If you can get tank off you can do by side of the road.. as long as you dont lose bits :)
    Carby end and throttle end both have lumps.on them, so just need the right tools to undo stuff.
    Mechanically not hard to do
  17. I reckon i could get mine home in 1st or second on idle. Certainly beats pushing the bast@rd.
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  18. Great way to practice clutch control. But you cannot have it on the footpath so may piss off some other motorists as you lumber along.
  19. I'd be bumping the idle then using the clutch carefully all the way home. once you got it rolling you'd probable be doing 20, so it's not going to upset too many people. Just stick to the side.
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  20. Throw on the hazards for good measure.. then enjoy the crawl home, you did say it was only 3km so should take you about 10 mins tops @ 20kph..