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How to get a speeding fine when your nowhere near your bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Realm, May 12, 2005.

  1. Opening the mail tonight when I got home, and find 1 of those lovely speeding fines.. Thinks to myself, damn busted alright best I pay that..

    Drop my son off at karate still trying to remember what I was doing on said road at said time on said day (no reason was coming to memory),
    so I checked the date in the calender trying to get an insight.

    Marked in big red writting "BIKE BOOKED IN 10am".. So I pull the daytonas file out (yes I keep every receipt of every bit of work done on everyone of my vehicles) and sure enough here is the receipt.. Bike signed in 10.05am signed out 4.32pm speeding fine 1.25pm..

    Guess where Im heading tomorrow straight after work.. Lets see them try and talk there way out of this one..

  2. Sounds like you have them over a barrel.
    Good luck, would love to be there when the guys are sweating about the thought of taking some points on their licence.
  3. Go get 'em Faye! Will be nice to stick it up 'em for once! Be interesting to see what make & model they had you down as riding on said day! Make sure you check your points b4 & after to be sure you get them back!
  4. Re: How to get a speeding fine when your nowhere near your b

    To the mechanics/dealers service manager to nominate the grease monkey riding it at the time and signing the stat dec on teh back so you can send it in.
  5. And the winner is?
  6. Hmmmmm....Id be askin was a "test ride necessary" and then I'd be askin "was it necessary to break the law on my bike" I'd then be thinking was my bike thrashed??????

    Finally I would not only be looking at getting someone else to take the points and pay the fine but some compensation for the possibility of what was done to the bike, such as wear and tear, tyres, thrashed etc, etc, etc. I would be asking for the service/work done costs to be refunded as a minimum. Or ask the mechanic or whomever it was "test riding" your bike if you can borrow their pride and joy for 30 mins :D

    Cheers and hope all goes well for you.
  7. Can you say "consumer affairs" ?

    Can you say "A Current Affair" ?

    Can you say "Free service" ?
  8. Consumer Affair would see that 'justice' is uphelp... and that would probably mean they paid the fine, took the points, and gave you a credit on the time & effort it took to sort the whole ordeal out.

    A Current Affair would just blow hot air in every direction, some odd candid footage of some bike shop and the headline "Dodgey Mechanics Exposed"... well duh, nothing new.

    As for the Free service; i wouldn't be taking my bike anywear near those grease monkey's again if it were my pride and joy! Just one more reason to invest in a decent set of tools and self service i say.

    Optionally, a nice fang and mono/burnout session on the bike of the retard that 'test rode' your bike would be a nice leveller. Although to be honest, i'd just be pushing for a free lot of fully synthetic oil, a couple of filters and a nice set of Iridium plugs and you'll put this whole thing behing you. ;)

    edit: Don't spose you can PM me the details of the mechanic so i know to stay clear of them... and i'll be sure to pass the word along. ;)
  9. Realm didn't tell us what the fine was for. Perhaps it was for 54km/h in a 50 zone? Quite an easy an innocent mistake for anyone, even mechanics. I wouldn't be looking at wear 'n' tear, trashing etc. unless it was some sort of substantial speeding difference
  10. Good point mouth....

  11. Re: How to get a speeding fine when your nowhere near your b

    Mouth was in a Captain Obvious mood, I see. :LOL:
  12. If it were the local bike mechanic around here, I'd be surprised if the speeding fine was under 45 km/h or more over the limit.

    Being an ex-ARRC champ, he sometimes forgets that he's no longer racing at Oran Park, EC or PI, and has the numerous loss of licences to prove it.

    Thing is, he's an excellent wrench and his shop is the shop of choice around here.
  13. I was saying what "Mouth" said as I was scrolling down reading all the messages.

    Then I thought to myself, wait, it's a Triumph, it would have been caught in a 40km/h zone doing 47km/h.

    It's true!!!!! they don't go over 50km/h

    After all they are made by a Bra company :p
  14. so who was the company

    Peter stevens ? who ?
  15. unbelievable... another reason why i like to hang around and watch anyone working on my bike
  16. When I was doing my apprenticeship as a motor mech (Holden dealership), I remember the service manager posting a sign next to his office where customers dropped off and picked up their keys and paid the bill. It went something like this:

    Mechanics Hourly Rates:


    $30/hr if the car owner wishes to watch

    $40/hr if the car owner wishes to offer advice

    $50/hr if the car owner wishes to help
  17. Hmmm Triumph......any chance it was PoS? Sounds like thier MO.
  18. Doesn't really seem like working on it to me....
  19. man that sux, who was it? trust them to pick one of the best bikes to do it on. what was the speed on the fine? outcome?
  20. A similar thing happened to me.

    I traded in a very dodgy old car on a newer car.
    I filled in all the transfer paperwork at the dealership. So I though everything was ok.

    6 months later I get over a $1k in fines for speeding at over 30 ks over the limit and driving an unregistered vehicle. This is two sets of fines for speeding and driving an ureg car on two seperate dates.

    It took a lot of stuffing around on my part to sort out.