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How to get a broken bike back to the dealer?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Schwolop, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. This is a pretty stupid question, but if you don't have a ute or trailer how would you get a broken bike back to the mechanic/dealer for servicing? Will they send someone out to collect it? Do you pay for that? Or is it your problem and you hire a motorcycle transport company or tow-truck yourself?

    (I'm hoping this won't be required, but I can't get my newly delivered CB400 started, and am preparing for the worst...)

  2. Does the bike turn over when you press the start button? - if not - check the battery for charge.

    If it turns over and does not start - are you pulling the clutch in? is the kickstand up or down?

    Seeing it's new they 'should' pickup for free if you have any problems - phone and discuss with them
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  3. If its a new bike, or still under used bike warranty, talk to the dealer and tell them they need to come and get it. If it was a private sale you'll have to pay to get it there unless your dealer/mechanic is particularly friendly! You can ring or email MMMTSMMMTS as they do motorcyle transport around melb, I've made use of them recently and all good.

    Re the actual problem, post up what is actualyl happening (or not happening), the guys on here are pretty good at diagnosis and may be able to help you get it going with a bit of troubleshooting. Like is your kickstand up, or is your kill switch on are the 2 obvious ones!
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  4. I am a complete newbie, but I'm not *entirely* stupid :) I did check the kill switch and kick stand (and I've been holding the clutch in while the gear lever is in neutral anyway, so the kickstand shouldn't be an issue.)

    I'm fairly sure it's a dead battery. I tested the resting voltage to be 14V, which I thought was good, but I didn't think to see how far it dropped when starting it (and I'm not home now). Pressing the ignition the bike just click click clicks. I've read the manual's troubleshooting parts and none of the simple things like a full throttle start have worked. I don't have much room or confidence to try to jump start it, so I'll buy a trickle charger today and run that overnight. Seems like for $90 it's probably a useful thing to have around anyway.

    Oh, and it's not new - 2008 model CB400, with 20000kms on the clock. I gave it a test-ride before buying it and it was working fine then. The claimed to have recently serviced it too, so I'm pretty irritated. I figured it'd go wrong a few days after the 3 month warranty expired not on day one!
  5. If you bought it from a dealer it might have been standing for a while so highly probable that it's the battery.

    As you said - good idea having the charger anyway so try charging first and see what happens.
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  6. If you have 14v at the battery (which is a little high if the bike isn't running - should be more like 12v) it may just be a dirty connection. Connectors/terminals on the battery or the starter motor may just need cleaning. Since the battery is easiest to get to, start there.
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  7. If its got the original battery, then its a real good chance its dead. Recharging it will only buy you a week, but will at least let you know the batteries cactus.

    And having a battery charger always comes in handy.
  8. Same thing happened to my 2008 CB400 when I bought it. Bike was dead the day I picked it up and the guy push started it in his driveway in about 3 metres, the battery has been fine ever since.
    Perhaps there is a loose connection somewhere?
  9. If its under a warranty from the dealer call them. In Vic if you have roadside assist from RACV you get free tows.
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  10. That's good to know - supposedly buying it from the dealer it will have come with RACV assist (I filled out a form for it), but I've not got the paperwork back yet.
  11. Standard RACV assistance provides a tow to home or nearest repairer (with km limit). I think you need a higher level package to get from home to repairer.
    Definitely check the terminals and earth connection, as BanzaiElise suggested.
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  12. all the more reason to ring the dealer
  13. to get around this just push it out on the street a couple of houses down is good :) then call RACV and them your bike just died.

    Yes it works
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  14. If all it is, is a flat battery then you can try push starting or jump starting. Once running check to see if the battery is charging.

    And some places charge more than others but I can hire a bike trailer from our local trailer hire for about $30. If you go down this route make sure the bike is tied down properly or the repair bill could get a lot higher.
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  15. I demand a troubleshooting thread first, before any of this 'let's get it to the dealer' stuff.
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  16. If you can't fit the remains into two carrier bags you weren't trying hard enough :D.
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  17. Thought we had already trouble shot.

    The bike goes Click instead of Brrrrrrm
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  18. website says

    If we can’t get your vehicle going, we will arrange for towing to a repairer within 20km in Metro areas and to the closest RACV attending service centre in country areas, free of charge.

    I've used them a bit over the years and had it towed from home several times. (Flat tyres, leaking stuff, won't start etc)
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  19. RACV would at least be able to determine whether or not it is a battery or connector problem and fix it (or recommend a fix), thus avoiding the need for a tow. If they get the bike going but tell you the battery needs to be replaced, you can at least ride to the dealer to get it sorted.
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  20. Lucky for me I'm 19.6kms from the dealer then... =D
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