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How to fuel up??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tonyso, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. This is probably a stupid question... but when i tried to fuel up my bike last night, the damn thing keep bouncing back thinking the tank is full when it's not.

    I ended up having to hold the nozzle up a bit with one hand and squeeze the trigger with another until i see the tank is visually full.

    Am i missing some tips and tricks here? :?:
  2. Yeah you have to do that
  3. your not looking for her g spot :LOL: ..... don't put the nozzle all the way in :wink:
  4. ahhh guess i gotta work on my fingers work! :LOL:
  5. Don't squeeze the trigger all the way either, its not like the car where the fuel goes straight down a long tube, the bikes tank is shallow and usually has the airbox indentation protruding into the space directly under the fuel cap so its very easy for fuel to splash back and cause the pump to cut off.
  6. motorbike tanks don't need the full length of your nozzle, only just the end of it, nice and gently squeezing now and before you know it you'll be full

    ......................... of fuel :p
  7. There is something very suspect about this thread :?
  8. Just do what you're doing. Penis.
  9. Question of the year, I reckon.
  10. Dont forget to strike a match to check how full it is :roll:
  11. You learn that lesson fairly early on. I was getting crap range becuase I was not filling the tank. Now it's all good.
  12. LMAO!! :LOL:
  13. You're not allowed to have matches in a petrol station, but i think they sell lighters there.. just use one of them.

    Ohh and when i fill up, i start with the hose in deep and pull on it hard, then i slowly pull it out and be more gentle with the trigger until its ready to over flow.

    Why am i sweating.
  14. There are quite a number of unchristian responses on this thread :?
  15. :-({|=

    That would be why its soo damn funneh \:D/
  16. That's because Jesus didn't ride motorbikes....duh :LOL:
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  19. why did jesus need to wear a helmet? :?: :?: