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How to fix a scratched LCD?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Salt n Vinegar, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    I stuffed up on my brand new Duke! I accidentally scratched the covering over the LCD with another key while turning the ignition! A mistake I'll never do again and something to watch out for in the future. The scratch goes over the top of the fuel gauge and is deeply annoying. Is there anyway to buff out/fix the bezel or whatever it's called, the covering over the LCD display? Any tips on doing such things?

    I feel so shit about it, and can't believe myself that it happened....

    I've got some pictures to show the damage. Any help would be appreciated. :(


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  2. You may be able to polish it out with a fine cut polish. I have has a small success with tooth paste on a small scratch on an LCD. Too course a polish could create more scratches.
  3. Deep scratch might need feathering out with fine wet-n-dry abrasive paper first. Maybe a progression from 600 grit to 2400 grit in three steps.
    Then something like Autosol, then Brasso to get the finest polish.
    Mask off the other areas and trim with masking tape so you don't get polish and grit in the cracks, etc.
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  4. The lcd is fine you've scratched the plastic case.
    If you don't have any luck polishing it you can buy a new plastic case for your dash they aren't to expensive .
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  5. One of the reasons I always use only a single key with my bikes. Scratches on the LCD cover would drive my OCD mad.
    You will not likely polish that out and I suggest not trying with any sort of sandpaper. The bezel will be somewhat soft plastic.
    If no luck with a mild automotive Polish, you could replace the bezel.
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  6. Looks like it's pretty deep in the first pic. Toothpaste might work, there are other products like Polywatch for polishing acrylic watch crystals, same principal. Good luck!
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  7. Mate that bike is finished, I'll give u $500
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  8. Hey Salt n Vinegar,
    as Nick s1000r said, that part is NOT the LCD, it is only a cover.
    I wouldn't touch it with anything, allow it to acquire more 'personality' then in a year just replace it. Doesn't look like it blocks your view of any vital info.
    Good looking display BTW.
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  9. Thanks for your responses. The scratch looks deep, DomoDomo but when I glide my fingernail over it my nail doesn't catch onto the scratch which suggests its not deep enough to be considered deep. It's deep enough to make a shadow though and that's kinda what plays on my OCD a little bit AND the fact that I only recently just got the bike!

    I think I will stick to a single key from now on like TWEETTWEET does, and follow your suggestion, MudfrogMudfrog thanks.
  10. Problem is that if you try to polish it out, you may make it worse.

    I tried looking up the parts catalog to see if the plastic cover can be bought separately, but unfortunately you can only buy the complete cluster ($579)

    If it really drives you mad - try getting one from a donor bike / breaker yard.
  11. Try a fine scratche remover like Swirl X then apply a gentle polish will come up like new. The swirl X will require a bit of elbow grease. Wet and dry if that doesn't work.
  12. I can fix that for you, I have a hammer and a screwdriver. If it doesn't work, well hey, we can just wait 3 months for a replacement from frigging Italy....

    Oh sorry, wrong thread ;)
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