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How to fix a $476 fuel filter

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TYRUSS, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. For some reason my previous post on this subject has been removed ????
    My GSX1400 with 85,000km had a fuel blockage, the replacment internal filter is $476 and the strainer is another $79. I queried Suzuki and was told these filters are around the same price for all fuel injected Suzuki's. The complete pump and filter can be purchased for @$1100.
    How to fix it:- Remove the filter from the assembly and soak it in metho. remove from the metho and shake it, bang it on something hard and reverse blow it with compressed air. Keep repeating this until no more solids or water is present (I had to do this more than 20 times to get it clear) I have now found a few missing H.P. and saved the cost of replacing the filter.
    p.s. I have yet to find out why my previous post has dissapeared ?????

  2. Good to hear that you solved the problem yourself, and at minimum expense.

    With reference to you previous post, it has not been moved to Holding. I DID suggest as gently as I could that you should re-post it in lower case (as you have done with this one.) I can only assume that a mod deleted it because of the UPPER CASE, and perhaps also because you ignored the hint :).
  3. Hi Hornet600
    It was my first post and I guess the upper case was a reflection of the outrage about paying so much for a filter.
    I happened across a guy who sells truck deisel parts and showed him the filter he guessed (high handed) that it was worth $80, when I told him the price he near fainted. He said that next time someone complains about the high price of deisel parts he will use this filter as a outrageous price example.
  4. LOL all service parts are expensive till some one makes an aftermarket alternative... than the original parts come down in price.... good example are the oil filters... original oil filter to fit bike X is around $20-$25, K&N filters are around $20-$25 and HIflo are $9-$15 but if there were NO aftermarket filters avalable the original filter would be around the $90+

    LoL does any one remember when the first CBR250's come out?? you could only buy a Honda sparkplug and it was at $70 each??
  5. The problem with this one is that it's not a service part (check any fuel injected Suzuki) there is no referance to replacment of this part anywhere.
    The only reason it became a problem was when I changed fuel tanks, this was the first time the pump had ever been turned upside down. To make matters worse the filter is not shared with any other Suzuki model. I am told they are all different.
  6. simple way to fix this problem in future buy a kawasaki :p
  7. Great idea but what do I buy that's better than the 1400 ?
  8. Suzuki parts have got ridicules since Suzuki themselves have taken over the importing.

    They tried putting there prices of new bikes up as well during the early 00s but had to drop them when their sale figures bottomed out.

    Their lack of Australian stock is pretty bad too.

    I'm not as big a fan as I used to be.
  9. I was going to have a biatch at Suzuki directly about their pricing for the fuel filter but I can't find an e-mail address does anyone have an email address for someone high up at Suzuki Australia ??
  10. All I was able to find was a general enquiries website when I had my biatch about a common brake rebuild kit taking an unknown period of time from Japan.

    I got no response.
  11. Bottom Line... MV Agusta's Rule !

    That sucks anyhow. I would think that Suzuki would take better care of there customers.
  12. Yes I want a 910 Brutale to put in the Garage next to my 1400 they could then breed KTM motards LOL
  13. I reckon an F4S Tamburini would do me a world of good :)
  14. Yeah, we all want one, but you couldn't park it without paranoia
  15. I'm scared my 250 CBRR will get vandalised never mind an MV Augusta :)