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How to feel good after bad news

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Latestarter, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. I have just returned from Coffs Harbour after attending the funeral of the son of one of my best friend's who died suddenly from a epileptic seizure.... A brain disorder affecting over 400000 Australians. He had a great send off with over 300 people attending a lovely service and wake at his favourite ' watering hole'.

    Fortunately I had my son attend with me. He has suffered from anxiety, clinical depression then finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Explained a lot about many previous manic episodes that included buying a new Kawasaki ninja approx 10 years ago and my finding out later he did not have a license. Fortunately he only did 250 km and then sold it. He has suffered ( and his family) many 'disasters' over 25 years including serious car accidents and contemplating suicide.

    So while driving down the highway yesterday I thought about the above and made the following decisions:
    1. To find new ways of supporting my son to manage his mental illness and find an appropriate charity where I could support fundraising for mental disorders.
    2. Enjoy daily rides and expand my motor cycle activities. I noticed many tourers on the road so will now begin preparing and going on longer trips, only Wyong return so far or 180kms. Improve my skills on a daily basis supported by an approved training course.

    Today I have been doing some research and found:
    1. The "Black Dog Ride" movement involving thousands of Aussie motorcyclists raising money each year for mental health. Fantastic news, I will now explore ways of assisting Steve Andrews and his team. Maybe some NR members could comment on their experience.
    2. What should my touring preparations include? Obviously I need to find a soft pack?packing light? camp? Body match fit? Routes and petrol stations? Join a small group? I assume there is plenty of posts and blogs on this activity but feel free.
    3. Went for a ride this morning( to clear my head ) down to the Hawkesbury River and then coffee at PITs. Wore my open face Bell helmet, smelt the flowers, enjoyed the coffee but felt strange without my balls, no not what you are thinking, for 2 months I have carried 6 half tennis balls in my jacket to mark out and practice for MOST. Never thought I would feel so good having a bright red P plate on my bike.

    It is never too late....enjoy life regardless of what it throws at you.
    Ps. I also have a great wife of 43 years, my son holds down a full time job and takes medication, 2lovely daughters and 5 grandchildren 1-6 years old.... Who take up the rest of my spare time.
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  2. The Blackdog ride is a Netrider favourite and is highly supported in Victoria mainly through the excellent work of one of our members @GreyBM@GreyBM . I have ridden it in the last few years and often there are stories from fellow riders on how riding is one of their coping strategies. I am keenly aware that when I am feeling down, a ride in the hills, the smell of eucalyptus and either the solitude, or the company of fellow riders is incredibly healing. What we do is not just a form of transport but often balm to the soul.

    Touring and camping is a great thing to do, I always enjoy it and should make an effort to do it more often. There are a couple of other threads on the mechanics of what to take etc. My own travel kit has increased over the years, tent and sleeping gear is a given. I carry a rubber backed picnic rug which isolates you from the ground a bit in your tent. Torch/lantern, water bottle, cooking gear if you are going to the extent of fires and cooking. Carry a few muesli bars as quick pick me ups for long trips.

    Be aware of dehydration on long trips, it can sneak up on you without knowing. Above all enjoy. (y)
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  3. Thanks Chris for your advice,
    obviously I will need to take a number of steps over the next 12 months, I know some people are patient with slow riders but I would feel better when P plates gone and more skills under my belt.
    I will also make contact with @GreyBM@GreyBM re black dog ride
  4. Sounds like a plan mate, good luck. I've been to 3 funerals this year, all of them younger than me. It's a reminder that just being here is a big bonus.
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  5. Don't be too cautious, the best way preparation for touring is to do it, then realise what you should have taken and didn't. I am not saying immediately setout on a three continent trek but pick a weekend and do one night away. It all starts from there, I started touring on my old 250 in the days when that's all you could have as a P plater, loaded up like a Vietnamese family bike and just went. Got lost, found great spots I didn't know existed, swam in isolated rivers. Scared myself silly in sand roads at higher speeds than I should have been doing. Experience is the only universal teacher.
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  6. In a past life I was an engineer so tend to be too analytical... will try to be less cautious.
    As a newbie I cannot send PMs [ now understand it does not mean Prime Minister] How can I send a reply to [​IMG]@GreyBM ??
  7. You should be able to reply to a conversation just not create one.
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  8. + 1 for this. Get out and try it. Bring a credit card if you are going overnight, as you will be surprised what you forgot, and what you didn't need. I travel a lot lighter now than when I first started.

    I just started planning my next trip across the Nullarbor. The missus and I have to make a trip again over summer, so I am thinking about heat management. Last year it was so wet we nearly froze to death. So planning only goes so far.
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  9. @Latestarter@Latestarter I am away on a ride at the moment so have limited internet access. Happy to chat to you about the ride when I get back.

    However if you contacted Steve. Andrews via the Black Dog site, I am sure tree will be ways for you to help.
  10. Thanks, I sent him an email. Look forward to participating in some way.
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