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How to f*ark up your face

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, May 19, 2010.

  1. what the hell is an a$$?
    It's ARSE
  2. its an expresion smee, $$$$ to take it up the arse, greek style brother hahaha
  3. I wasn't sure if it'd get blocked out. F*ck gets blocked out so I assumed others would too. ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE
  4. They were ****ed from the start!

    Now how the hell does a woman end up dying from a Toilet brush up her ARSE?!!!!!!
  5. Racist! We greeks are givers, not takers! Well there was that incident at Troy... but that was a long time ago! :busting:
  6. I saw the photo of those guys on another forum - I initially thought they were wearing masks!
  7. "And I, for one, welcome our new reptile overlords"
  8. ..it wasn't "up her arse".. it got lodged in her buttock!! ... go figuer!!.... :-s
  9. Death By Toilet Brush...what a way to go....did anyone catch any camel toy ? Anyone ? :)
  10. I suppose this is what happens when society has a percieved bullshite perfect appearance as they do in Florida, LA and quickly spreading throughout the world.

    Cosmetic surgery at its best........lol What a sad joke...

    Have you noticed how many US reporters, news readers, etc all have the same shape foreheads, jaw lines, exactly the same teeth, same shape chests (women and men), same round butts and I can go on as its becoming rediculous...

    I always thought every human was made uniquely different..
    Why do people all want to look the same??
    I can understand comsetic surgery due to unjury, deformaties, etc but really.

    One can only imagine where it'll be at in 100 - 200 years time with further cosmetic advances.
    Humans waking down main stream Hollywood looking at mirror images of each other.... Yuck!

    They should make sure they all have bikes or something else to get their kicks.
  11. But they also named the strait between Malaysia and Sumatra after a Greek... :)
  12. That was cosmetic surgery gone wrong. eeek
  13. I thought this was going to be a post about wearing an open face helmet and sandpapering your face on the pavement!! (which I have done btw)
  14. Was anyone else thinking this when they first looked at those guys?

  15. Nah, thought more towards Herman Munster

    At least that's real makeup!

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  16. I was thinking of this :-s

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