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How to ensure a used bike is ligit?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by banditbob, Dec 6, 2006.

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    I know about checking the VIN number on the bike with the one on the title...but how do you ensure the seller has completely paid off the bike?

    When you hand over the money, do you get a copy of their title, as a record of who the pre-owner was (incase the financial authorities want to kno?)

    Lastly...is there anyway to check that the odometer hasnt been altered?

    Its my first bike so im still learning the ropes.
  2. http://www.revs.nsw.gov.au/

    There you will know if they owe money on the bike, if it has been written off at some stage and if the chassis and engine aren't legal.

    This site is for NSW but I'm sure there should be something like that for the other states.

  3. In nSW they write down the odo every year. What's done with it and whether the public can access it is a different story.
  4. In victoria you can pay a small fee (over the phone) to vicroads and they will verbally advise and send out a certificate. I presume most of the other states offer something similar.
  5. Hi,
    as stated above ^^^^,
    go to that site, get a vcheck done,
    gives you the
    rego history (including kms at last swap of rego),
    insurance status, if has been a repairable write off or total write off
    finance status, any money owing on the bike
    stolen status, weather is currently listed as stolen or has ever been listed as stolen

    Price for full list of items $29.95 from Qld transport,
    slightly higher thru one of the other companies listed on the links section.
    The certificate can be emailed to you in pdf format, just print it.
    takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete, if you pay via credit card.Good value to protect your cash investment.
  6. And you will need the engine/VIN and rego numbers.