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How To Dump Your Girlfried (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dazza, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. #1 Dazza, Feb 6, 2005
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  2. ouch ouch triple ouch :?

    good to see the protective riding gear being worn as well
  3. I've seen that footage before...and i've also seen follow up pics of the girls injuries somewhere. Lots of lost skin, crazes and bruises.

    P.S If i recall correctly the girl was half decent too.
  4. "Was" being the operative word, right?
  5. So what is the correct wheelie ettiquete in this instance?? :roll:
  6. bwahahahahahaa :LOL: the amount of times that one has circulated round ozsportsbikes would make your head spin. it looks like a pretty harsh stack but she actually comes out ok considering. with the lack of gear and all i would have expected her to come out ALOT less pretty than she did. she still wasn't bad after the accident :twisted:

    i dunno about wheelie ettiquete in that case, i got the impression from the other sites that i've seen, that she knew what was coming and just farked up. it almost looks like she jumped off so i dont know what the hell was going through her head right there :shock: they both look like dumbasses from where i sit :LOL:
  7. I think she was trying a no hander passenger superman...though she forgot to grab a hold of something to complete the trick..lol
  8. Well that's 1 vid I want b showing the g/f.


  9. kind of looks like her left foot slipped off the peg.
  10. my computer won't let me see it, it is classified under sex/nudity. damn it not fair. will someone help me out by explaining it??? :oops: :D :LOL:
  11. sex/nudity??? they're not wearing much in they way of protective gear and unless they've figured out a way to have sex with the chick on the back of the bike and both facing forwards (wish they'd let me in on the secret if thats the case :shock: ) i dont think theres anything untowards going on there :LOL:

    basically a couple of squids on a bike, bloke pulls a wheelie and chick falls off the back. looks like it might have been a touch on the painful side....
  12. It looks like she tried to push him back down.
  13. I usually get a kick out of watching bike stack videos, either on the track or when some hero tries a stunt that goes wrong. This one left me feeling sick. Maybe its because of the squid gear, or maybe because I have a daughter who looks about the same age.
  14. There is no way that wouldnt have hurt........ and another reason I dont do wheelies...... well even if my bike WAS able to do them :p
  15. If you can read this, the biatch fell off !

    Wheelie Girl

    I will never squid.
  17. ah an oldie but a goodie :) never fails to amuse me ;)
  18. Ooch!!

    Good example of the fact that pillions should have protective gear too
  19. If only skin was as tough as leathers...
  20. I have ALREADY listed this file with a large discussion on it. Why don't people bother LOOKING at the posted threads or are you two anxious to post up a media file.

    Cheers 8)