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How To Dress For The MotoGP?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by kiss_the_future, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Probably a weird question to ask...but im wondering do i wear my full leathers and then walk around with them all day...or do i wear more practical clothes like jeans and shoes?

  2. No, don't wear full leathers...you'll be sweating like a piggy by the end of the day.

    It can get very hot down on the island (sun-burn city) so a pair of shades and a NetRider cap are essential.

    I wear a t-shirt, thongs and a g-string....but maybe that's just me?

    Most people go for a set of draggin's and a mesh-jacket (sans liner) and ankle-boots.

    Also look for a place to ditch your helmet and gloves for a small fee.
  3. Depends on the day , I have been sun burnt one day and freeze the next . I would watch the weather before you leave . For me I will be in Dragging jeans and a good jacket (dry rider) . If you are to go in the leathers (best option) I would take a small pack and change of gear if it gets to hot .
  4. it gets cold up @ the island so be well prepared,im goin to head up there in leathers,wif a change of clothes.
  5. Nudie Run....Nudie Run :!: :!: :!: :!:
  6. I sure wouldn't be wearing my Sunday best either, cos if it decides to rain (fingers crossed!) things turn to mud pretty quick. A watreproof poncho or lightweight jacket can come in handy, just be aware of the exorbitant prices that are charged for such items at PI.

    Sunburn or frostbite this year? Anyone know?
  7. From the BOM

    Shower or two developing. Min 10 Max 22

    Becoming fine. Min 9 Max 19

    Fine. Min 8 Max 20

    Trend for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

    Few showers. Cool

    So a bit of both I suspect.
  8. If you're carrying extra gear and its really hot, there are lockers in the bike park, that you can rent to store extra gear. :D
  9. A Hawaiian shirt of course :p :D
  10. So the Doctor's got a new grid-girl? :shock: :LOL: :shock:
  11. On or off the bike :D
  12. and no pants :LOL:
  13. What a man wears in privacy of his own home is down to him :p
  14. If it is hot, you chose to wear your full leathers and you can't strip to your jeans, you could just drink heaps of water and take salt tablets. So long as you don't have a heart condition. That's what I do on track days when the temperature is over 30 degrees. Works a treat. :D
  15. Do most of you guys just carry your helmets under your arm most of the day...or are the lockers a popular choice, and how much?
  16. I have tended to park my bike in the secure parking. Guys from the local Rotary man it and they give you passes for the day to enter and leave as you please. Its $10 a day and you have the option to store your gear: helmet and clothing etc in a plastic bag with them. They give you a ticket and you're on your way. Alternatively, you can lock your gear on your bike. There are loads of old guys wandering around all day, so its pretty safe. :D
  17. Hmmm...dodgy hawaiian shirt...Ive got the be-all-and-end-all of horrid shirts :)
  18. Runners in back pack along with video and digi cam. When I get there boots go in and runners go on, helmet goes into Across tank.