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How to drain fuel?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by julz, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Hi every,

    Havent started my bike in 6 months. Today was trying to kick over but didnt. I read somewhere that the fuel in the carby may have gone sticky or the fuel is stale...

    Anyone can help me find the carby and how to do this?

    thanks!! :angel:
  2. Your carb/s should really be removed and cleaned properly if that's the problem - no offense, but if you're not sure what they look like or where they are, you probably shouldn't be doing it yourself...
    What bike is it? Might not even have them...
  3. perhaps a cordless?
  4. ive done other things to my bike like replace bike chain and front and rear sprokets. Im just asking so i dont waste time figuring stuff out and can just get it done quickly and make sure i have the right tools on me.

  5. OK, my bad...
    What bike?
  6. Can you at least find the engine. If so you'll typically find the carb on the opposite side to the exhaust pipe(s).
  7. :rofl:
    At least I was being subtle...
  8. cbr250rr

    thanks guys.....!!! :p

    wheres the engine? j/k opposite of the exhaust hey, ill have a look. batterys on charge now then ill empty the tank out
  9. In that case look for something that looks like this:
    between the engine and fuel tank.

    On the underside of each carb body (the silver part) should be a small recessed screw that lets you drain the fuel out of each one. You can also try some aerosol carb cleaner (available at auto stores) sprayed down the airbox side of each carb (the opening facing the car in the pic). It's not as good as pulling them apart and cleaning them properly, but is considerably easier.
  10. So I have drained the fuel and put some new stuff in the tank. Tried cranking it over in short bursts and rest but the battery eventually died.

    Do I have to take the fuel tank off to get to the carbie drain screws?